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Art Nouveau Black Fringe Dress

Elmira Medins
Elmira Medins

Elmira Medins

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Vendor Biography

Elmira Medins is a designer of Tatar nationality, born in Ukraine, in the midst of a family of architects in an environment of artists.

She was very quickly from a very young age attracted by painting, fashion, travel and in general all subjects related to art.

At 15 she left to study design in Kiev in a college and she turned to shoe creation then year after year fashion, sewing, creation of accessories.

In 2010, at the end of her college, she opened her first workshop at the age of 20, she started with 3 collaborators, taking care at the same time of cuts, choices of fabrics and created her first collections, for example, she designed and made 66 different pencil skirt cuts in order to finally find the best cut.

She felt free to create following her clothing inspiration which she thought of from a very young age when she looked at this fashion which was presented in Paris in the 90s that she loved so much. It was during this period that Elmira decided to make it his profession without giving up painting, his other passion, despite strong family opposition.

The beauty of the woman, elegance, Art Nouveau, painting, were sources of inspiration.

That year, she continued her studies at the University and went on to do internships in various shoe manufacturing workshops in Italy.

After 3 years of work at the university and in her workshop, she created 6 ready-to-wear collections and several dozen shoes, she had the opportunity to partially present her collections in Spain, Morocco and the south of France.

In 2013, during one of her trips to Spain and Ibiza, she was inspired by the atmosphere, the light and decided to open her first commercial company in Spain to distribute her clothes and shoes in a shop in Ibiza. She created this same year her EM logo which marks her clothes and shoes. In September of this year, she was invited to Paris to work as a stylist for a ready-to-wear brand, she declined the offer but it made her want to open a showroom in Paris.

In 2014, she created the iconic Eterry shoe, she invented a new cut, construction, she called it the Pyramid cut, she patented the manufacturing and design technique of this cut and declined this model from evening shoe to shoe for the mountain.

In 2015, she opened her first showroom in Paris, it’s a private place with exclusive models that can only be ordered to measure.

Here is also presented the latest fall-winter collection, a small lounge has been dedicated only to shoes that customers have called “Women’s Dream Room”.

Life in Paris led her to start imagining the design and production of bags.

Not finding what she was looking for to make her bags, after 10 tests with different jewellers, she joined a jewellery specialist to make the clasps that she invented.

This 3-year work allowed her to create a unique clasp with her EM logo in Art Nouveau style lettering. From there was born a collection of luxury bags.

In 2017, Elmira opened a company in Italy to organise the production of her clothes and bags and a research office for materials.

In 2018, following a trip to the Middle East, she created a line inspired by traditional clothing and adding a Japanese touch and modernity, from there was born the Nodu dress.

In 2019, an important date in her career She presents in Paris during Fashion Week in September her EM bag, the complex design of the EM lock, this Art Nouveau lettering being used only for the collection of bags.

She also creates an extremely comfortable “Pearl-Pencil” skirt.

In addition, for the first time, she presents herself in a fashion film at Trocadero with part of the 2020/2021 fall-winter collection.

Today, Elmira Medins is passionate about fashion photography, art and gemmology.

For her, Paris is a place that gives the designer new ideas and helps him observe changes in the world.

She often says “Fashion changes after something has changed in a world, so Paris is the best place to feel it and observe these changes”.


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