As we settle into a new season, who better to take some sartorial tips from Fernando Fitz-James Stuart, Spanish aristocrat and 15th Duke of Huéscar and his wife Sofia Palazuelo, the Duchess of Huéscar? Ever the elegant couple, their standout styles ought to be embraced and learnt from

Last October, on the day of their wedding, the couple’s sartorial status was cemented – and still time after time, they continue to serve up some serious lessons on how to dress with true elegance. So if you’re looking for some classy inspiration, here are the top tips to embrace.  

The Duke and Duchess of Huéscar's Fashion Tips

1. Know your basics and master them

You know it, we know it, Fernando and Sofia clearly know it. As far as businesswear is concerned, you can’t go wrong with some neutral basics, such as a slim-cut navy suit and louche knits. This arrival to the Spanish castle brought a lesson in effortless dressing – so long as you stick to the simplest pieces and clad them in earthy colours, your shared arrival is bound to turn heads. For a formal injection, men, wear a striking royal blue tie. And ladies? Ground the look with monochromatic dressing in white. Nothing says tres chic like crisp white outfit.

The Duke and Duchess of Huéscar's Fashion Tips

2. Summer shirts will see you through

Why it works: Fernando kept his shirt a tad unbuttoned, styling it with rolled sleeves and slim trousers. In short, it was travel dressing done easy (and right). 

The Duke and Duchess of Huéscar's Fashion Tips

3. Go classic for Black Tie event

Why it works: Black Tie events have taken over our timelines in a year, so the sartorial inspiration is high. We’re turning our attention to Fernando and Sofia, who last year schooled us in how to keep your appearances as classic as possible. For Fernando, that meant through a peak-lapel navy tuxedo, finished in satin fabric matching with the bow-tie. For Sofia, it meant a majority of black through a graceful shirt dress paired subtle earrings. Definitely elegance through simplicity.

The Duke and Duchess of Huéscar's Fashion Tips

4. A tailored blazer is your best friend

Why it works: A sharp blazer is a fail-safe finish to any outfit. Be sure that your style speaks well beneath, as you may well have to take it off, but as classic clothing companions go, this is pretty much the only one you both need. A few afternoon drinks, a formal dinner with friends, a stroll around the city – it’ll see you through pretty much any occasion. 

The Duke and Duchess of Huéscar's Fashion Tips

5. Have the south of France on your mind

Why it works: How to approach summer dressing, be it at home when summer finally returns or on holiday? As though you’re heading straight to the south of France. So basically: through stripes, and sharp-shouldered jackets. Sofia’s colourful summer dress steals the spotlight here; with its maxi length, earrings decoration, it complemented Fernando’s casual suit with ease. 

The Duke and Duchess of Huéscar's Fashion Tips

6. Get your colour palette right

Why it works: The Duke and Duchess of Huéscar brought a bit of paradise through their outfits. Here, Sofia fully embraced the celebration of colour with her floor-length gown. Fernando opted for a bit more of a gentle look and completed his outfit with a salmon-pink tie to offset her dress.

The Duke and Duchess of Huéscar's Fashion Tips

7. Navy and silver grey is a winning combination

Why it works: Should you be in search of an elegant colour scheme that surpasses the boundaries of black and white, Fernando and Sofia found the right combo. Why not opt for navy and silver-grey? There’s a regal quality to their combination, and if you’re each embracing the set through sharp construction, you’re bound to bring elegance to your chosen event. For Sofia’s look, don a silver metallic dress paired with a minimalist bag and elegant heels, while to get Fernando’s look, keep your suit lapels down and pair the look with a dark tie. 

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