We take a closer look at the legendary Cartier Tank Cintrée, its history and what makes this watch so special and an icon in its own right.

Cartier has been in my top 5 favourite brands for many, many years now. Ever since I fell in love with the classic shape of the Cartier Tank seeing it on the wrists of anyone from Jacky Onassis to Mohamed Ali, I was hooked. It just completely embodied class and sophistication to me, and my love of the brand, in general, blossomed from there.

Whilst Cartier are probably most synonymous with the Cartier Tank and the Santos, it is not just as clear-cut as there being those two models. The Cartier Tank has actually branched into a number of different versions, such as the Normale, Alongee, and Crash; all of which I also love by the way.


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