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Salon Privé is the global authority on luxury lifestyle, offering bespoke services and unparalleled access, no matter where you are in the world.


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CSR Policy


We only work with independent brands that are run by the designer or their family. In an era where conglomerates own the most successful businesses on Earth, it’s refreshing to see designers running and maintaining their creations themselves. We’re a design-driven company ourselves so you’ll find everything from fashion-forward clothing lines to accessories made in small batches right here!

At Salon Privé we pride ourselves on selling only unique, high-quality goods from trusted brands: everything is either designed by those same artists themselves or under their close guidance with stringent standards being upheld throughout every step of its creation process.

We believe in the power of independent creators. We only work with brands that are owned, run or managed by an artisan themselves and we support them to produce locally-made products in small runs for our customers.

We have a strict code of conduct to ensure that no one in our supply chain is taken advantage of, including children. As such, we only contract with suppliers who are committed to fair and transparent labour practices.

As a company, we have long been guided by the philosophy of doing right by animals. As such, our company never sells any animal skin products where an animal was killed for its hide alone and only sells skins that are co-products with meat production.

It is not enough for us to do what’s legal or profitable. We need our actions to be ethical as well, and we refuse work that doesn’t meet the high standard of ethics set by ourselves!

We will never contribute to illegal logging or deforestation by selling any wood products from an unknown origin.

We work within a framework of continuous improvement and therefore encourage all our brands to consider the environmental impact. We want them all to collaborate by looking for ways in which we can collectively reduce our carbon footprint as well as any other kind of negative effect on the environment.

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