Adding jewellery to the mix can bedazzle anyone’s wardrobe. But the key lies in selecting the right pieces. This article offers insightful tips on the dos and don’ts of picking the perfect jewellery for your outfit to help you enhance your styling skills. No more fashion faux pas; let’s delve into the world of tasteful accessorizing.

The Dos

3 Dos And Don'ts Of Picking The Right Jewellery For Your Outfit

Choosing the right piece of jewellery for your outfit is a delicate process. Different elements must be considered for your look to come together perfectly. So, here are some tips to help you when styling:

1. Do Embrace Your Style

Selecting jewellery for an outfit is an opportunity to let your unique personality shine. The right pieces can enhance an ensemble, adding a special touch that speaks of who you are. 

If you want a perfect balance of charm and sophistication in your style, you might be more inclined to try minimalistic and classic pieces, like copper jewellery. Introducing copper earrings or a tastefully crafted pendant can instantly enhance the ensemble, giving a quaint bohemian charm. Alternatively, a black jumpsuit paired with a striking copper cuff bracelet for a more formal setting can shift the outfit from simple to sophisticated. 

Meanwhile, layered rings, piercings, or other bold jewellery are perfect for those who love dressing up with an edgy look. These pieces bring a balance between unconventional elegance and bold self-expression. 

Choosing jewellery isn’t just about matching an outfit. It’s about expressing your style. From copper pieces to bold jewellery, your selection should reflect who you are, adding that finishing touch that makes your outfit uniquely yours. 

2. Do Consider Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone plays a significant role in how well your outfit and accessories complement you. Warm skin tones would pair well with gold and other warm colours, like yellow or brown. For example, elegant, clean copper jewellery can beautifully complement warm skin undertones. It’s a versatile metal that can lend a rustic charm to any outfit while harmonizing with your skin’s natural hues.  

On the other hand, cool skin tones look amazing with either silver or gold, but it’s better to stick with cool colours to highlight your features better. Those lucky enough to have neutral skin tones could go with cool and warm colours without worrying about clashing.  

When choosing jewellery, paying attention to your skin tone is essential to creating a balanced and appealing look. By considering how different materials interact with your skin, you can ensure your jewellery matches your outfit and enhances your natural beauty.  

3. Do Mix And Match

Mixing and matching similar jewellery with different designs may be a fun way to experiment with your style. For instance, you could pair a vintage necklace with modern earrings for a unique combination that defies traditional fashion norms. 

Also, playing around with metals like gold and silver, or combining different types of gemstones, can result in an exciting and trendy look. An outfit paired with a blend of dainty silver bracelets and a bold gold ring can create an appealing contrast that adds depth and interest. 

Overall, mix and match encourage a playful approach to styling. It’s all about experimenting and discovering combinations that resonate with your unique fashion sense, making your outfit stand out.

The Don’ts

3 Dos And Don'ts Of Picking The Right Jewellery For Your Outfit

As fun, as it is to try on all kinds of jewellery, there are some things you must bear in mind when picking the right one. Otherwise, what’s supposed to be an attractive piece might be downplayed by other factors. Here are some reminders when choosing jewellery:

1. Don’t Forget The Occasion

Although bold jewellery may be stylish, it may not suit every occasion. So, consider the event before deciding on your pieces.

A glamorous gala would demand extravagant pieces, while a casual coffee meet-up might call for something more understated. A business meeting requires minimalistic jewellery that portrays professionalism, while a wedding invites more ornate and elegant pieces. The occasion sets the tone for your outfit and the jewellery that complements it. 

Understanding the event’s context is crucial in selecting appropriate jewellery. With careful consideration, you can choose pieces that not only enhance your outfit but also suit the event’s atmosphere, adding a tasteful touch to your overall look.

2. Don’t Neglect Balance

Although layering is a common jewellery trend, it’s easy to neglect balance. Some bold pieces may look good together, but that’s not the case for everything. For example, topping bold jewellery with a bold outfit might make you look overwhelming instead of visually appealing. Instead, pair your simple outfit with a sophisticated piece or vice versa. This delicate interplay ensures an appealing look without compromising individuality.

3. Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

Comfort is a significant aspect to consider when selecting jewellery for an outfit. No matter how stunning a piece might be, if it’s uncomfortable or impractical to wear, it detracts from its appeal and can affect your overall experience. For example, a heavy necklace may look gorgeous but can be a burden if worn for extended periods. 

Earrings that are too large might cause discomfort, while rings that are too tight can restrict movement. Always keep in mind that jewellery should not only enhance your outfit but also fit comfortably. So, balance style, comfort, and practicality for the best look and feel.


Adding jewellery to your outfit is the best way to bring it to the next level. But with so many pieces in the fashion industry, finding the right one might be challenging. That said, keep these tips in mind and elevate your jewellery game!


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