Belts have been used to secure skirts, dresses, and pants for the longest time. Today, you’ll notice celebrities, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts using them for more than their functional purpose. For instance, you’ll see them wearing a belt to elevate an outfit, appear more polished, or show off their figure. 

It could be an excellent idea to add belts to your wardrobe. The accessory is versatile and can go with any outfit, casual or formal. That said, one might not be enough or suitable for all your styling needs. Having several will make it easier to choose one for any event to match or complement an outfit. When buying yours, consider getting Scanlan Theodore’s belts or products from reputable sellers who’ve been in the business for a long time. Such merchants have high-quality commodities that can last more years.

If you’d like to try out belts, the following are ways to wear and style them:

1. Belt A Solid-Colored Dress, Suit Or Jumpsuit

3 Fashionable Ways To Wear And Style Your Belt

As mentioned, you can use a belt to elevate an outfit. If you’re planning to wear a solid-colored dress or jumpsuit, you can use the accessory to add more interest to your look. This way, you don’t have to worry about having a gorgeous dress or jumpsuit going unnoticeable because it seems to be missing something. 

For example, you can style a short shirt dress with a leather or pearl-beaded belt. You can also create a loop knot with the accessory to make a maxi dress more noticeable and shape-flattering.

For single-colored jumpsuits, belts can make you look more stylish. Skinny, cloth, chain, or textured ones can help break up the monochromatic color and define your figure. The belt’s color can be similar to your outfit to make it more polished. Alternatively, you can use a brighter one to add more fun to your look.

2. Wear It Over A Coat Or Blazer

You can also look stylish with a belt over a coat or blazer. Many winter and trench coats are designed for functionality. They’ll keep you warm but might not look fashionable without adding some styling elements. When wearing one of these, add a stretch waist, horse bit, metal buckled, big, or thin leather belt. These will help show off your figure and make you look chic and glamorous despite the cold weather.

You could also flatter a formal or oversized blazer with a belt. For instance, a big leather belt could add more flair to your look. Likewise, a skinny, chain, or double O-ring buckle belt could make you look classy and elegant. Moreover, a studded belt could help you appear edgier.

You can have more fun styling a blazer, trench, or winter coat with this accessory. There are different ways you could creatively tie the belt. You can buckle it as usual or create a half or full bow or Windsor knot at the front or back of the coat or blazer.

3. Use It To Style Your Skirt

3 Fashionable Ways To Wear And Style Your Belt

Aside from pants and dresses, you could also style skirts with belts. You can use the accessory to bring your look together if your top, skirt, and shoes have different elements. You may do this by using a belt with the same color, pattern, or material as the one you’re wearing. This will make your outfit look coordinated, and you’ll appear more polished. 

If you’re planning to wear a high-waisted or pencil skirt with loops, wear a belt that matches the size of these clothes for an elegant look. However, if you prefer those without, you can try out bigger, smaller, or medium ones. If your skirt has a self-belt, this may be easier to style. Just tuck your top to show it off. Generally, wearing belts with high-waisted or pencil skirts can help cinch your waist and accentuate your body shape. Besides that, they can add more visual interest to your entire look.


Belts can do more than just secure skirts, dresses, or pants. Fashion enthusiasts today have given more meaning to this accessory, and it may be time for you to do the same. This article has provided different ways to wear and style a belt. 

As advised, you can add it to a solid-colored dress or jumpsuit to show off your body shape and make your look more noticeable and interesting. You can also wear it over a trench or winter coat to appear more fashionable despite the cold weather or have it over a blazer for a fun and exciting look. Lastly, you can use a belt to style your skirt to bring your whole look together and appear more polished.


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