When we think of florals we may automatically assume it’s just for spring and summer with traditional (and sometimes dated) designs. But unlike some trends florals never go out of style and we reach for them every year and sometimes every season. This also goes for our go-to wedding guest dresses.

With many of us wanting to not only save the planet but also our purses, being able to have one or two dresses that you can wear again and again to a number of weddings is a dream come true. Here are some of the best floral prints that will not only see you through the wedding season but also through wedding seasons to come.

Ditsy Prints

Ditsy prints are perfect for spring and summer weddings. Seen in popular cherry blossoms, small delicate daisies, and tulips, this is one of the most romantic floral prints on the market. Usually seen in soft washed-out tones, this is a print that you can wear not only for the warmer months but is versatile enough to be worn year after year.

Popular dress styles for this loved print include tea dresses, smock styles, and bodycon slips, all ideal for a British summertime wedding. With this ditsy print being used by a number of fashion brands from high-street to high-end, you’ll find your perfect floral ditsy print dress in your preferred price point. 

Statement Oversized Designs

If you are looking to make a statement at your next wedding celebration then a bold floral is a great option. This stand-out print can be worn all year round this playful twist on traditional dresses for weddings, thanks to its colourful patterns and graphic print it has no set season to be worn. Floral frenzy prints can be seen in a rainbow of colours including bright blues, oranges, pinks and yellows. This mood-boosting serotonin print will brighten any wedding. 

Hawaiian Tropical

Hawaiian tropics and wedding guest dresses may not seem the most obvious choice when it comes to picking a wedding guest outfit, but this trending print has had a sophisticated twist. Think neutral natural oranges and cream tones in classic palm tree prints, or bold oranges and prints of hibiscus flowers. Going to a beach wedding or wedding aboard?

This is the ideal print to see you through any holiday destination. The great thing about this design is you can also dress it down with sandals for a smart casual holiday dinner dress.

Soft Pastels 

Probably the most romantic and wedding ready floral print dress to choose from is the soft pastel floral design. Created using soft pinks, lilacs, greens, and yellows, soft pastel florals usually depict large delicate flowers such as peonies, roses, and wildflowers. This style of dress matches perfectly for a countryside wedding in a barn or manor house, where you can really resonate with the venue and bring the beauty of the outside in.


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