Athletic shoes are a big investment. The more features you seek, the pricier they get. However, owing to the health issues wearing the wrong shoe can cause, it is only sensible to invest in good quality athletic shoes, even if they cost a bomb. 

Another plus point of choosing expensive shoes is that they last longer than cheap shoes. Additionally, by taking good care of them, you can add many more years to their life. 

Here is how to make your athletic shoes last longer. 

4 Tips On How To Make Your Athletic Shoes Live Longer

1. Keep Them Clean 

It is absolutely no brainers. Keep your shoes clean, and they will live longer. But it is essential to know the right way of cleaning them. Throwing them in the washing machine is not the right way of cleaning them. You need to meticulously clean every part of your shoes. 

Start by removing the dirt and grime clinging to them using a brush. Do not wet your shoes until you have removed the chunks of mud adhered to their surface. Now, remove the insoles and laces. 

Next, soak a sponge or cloth in a mix of warm water and detergent and scrub the surface of the shoes with it. Clean the hard-to-reach areas using a toothbrush. 

Once the stains are gone, take a clean cloth, soak it in warm water, squeeze extra water, and clean the surface to remove the detergent. Make sure you remove all the excess soap from the surface. 

Let your shoes dry in the air.

Wash the insoles separately using these steps. 

4 Tips On How To Make Your Athletic Shoes Live Longer

2. Protect Your Shoes From Rain And Heat 

Athletic shoes are robust, but this does not mean you can subject them to harsh natural elements. Exposing your athletic men’s shoes to rain, mud, and heat can take a toll on them. 

Clean them after every use. If you are not using them, store them in a shoe bag. Furthermore, do not let them stay wet for long. But avoid using heat for drying them. If your shoes are wet, stuff newspaper inside them to soak water and let them air dry. 

4 Tips On How To Make Your Athletic Shoes Live Longer

3. Pay Attention To Your Form

Your form directly impacts the life of your shoes. Whether it is running, walking, or a gym workout, if you perform any activity using improper form, it will impact your shoes. For instance, putting more than required on your toes while walking or pounding your feet sideways while running will lead to uneven wearing of your athletic shoes. 

Hence, always pay attention to your form while performing any physical activity. It is necessary for your, as well as your shoe’s well-being. 

4 Tips On How To Make Your Athletic Shoes Live Longer

4. Let Your Shoes Rest 

Your body needs rest and time to recover after every high-intensity physical activity. The shoes are quite the same. 

After being in action for hours, they require time to recover and gain their actual form. It is particularly true for the soles of your shoes. 

The best way to deal with it is to have two pairs of shoes so that you can alternate between them and give them time to rest between uses. It will not only enhance the shelf life of your shoes but also ensure better comfort and support while using them. 

The Bottom Line

The life of your shoes depends on how you treat them. If you keep taking good care of them, they will offer optimum support and comfort to you. If you do not take care of them, they will wear down sooner than they intend to. 

So, use these tips to care for your athletic shoes and boost their shelf life.


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