Medical professionals need to be comfortable in their work clothes. But gone are the days when comfort and simplicity were the only considerations for scrub designers. Today they are just as fashionable as anything else. But they also need to be durable, easy to clean, and functional. 

Zippia notes that a staggering 74% of doctors are above the age of 40. But every year, young doctors join the workforce. And as they do, fashion becomes more and more of a priority. 

5 Things To Look Out For When Choosing Your Next Set Of Medical Scrubs

You can visit online stores to see the variety of scrubs available today. On this site, you will find a plethora of options. But it will only make your job more difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different options when choosing medical scrubs and how they might affect your performance at work.


Going back to the report from Zippia, over 54% of doctors today are women. Quite unsurprisingly, you will find that a larger variety of designs is available for scrubs for women compared to men. But it is not a barren market for either. You need to know what you’re looking for to make your choice easier.  

Fit: When you put on your scrubs, make sure that you have a good fit. The definition of a good fit will differ from person to person. You have straight-legged pants as well as bell bottoms. You also have loose waistlines along with tighter fits. You can go with whichever you feel better wearing. But the priority is whether the fabric fits your body as it’s supposed to. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion, but being comfortable enough to do your job takes a higher priority.

Cut: The cut of your scrubs plays an important role in their performance as well as their style. You want something that fits well and maintains its shape throughout wear so that it doesn’t hang on too loosely or bunch up when worn over other clothes underneath. 

You can go with V-necks or round necks. You also need to choose between long sleeves and short sleeves. Each has its own benefit. V-necks might be better for holding pens or look more fashionable. But round necks are generally more comfortable. On the other hand, doctors usually prefer short sleeves because they are less likely to catch bodily fluids and other infectious substances.

5 Things To Look Out For When Choosing Your Next Set Of Medical Scrubs


Insight Partners estimates the market for medical scrubs will reach beyond $39 billion by 2028. Therefore you can assume that companies are always trying to get an edge over their competitors by trying something different. One of the most common aspects they experiment with is the material of the scrub. 

But when choosing a material, it is crucial to look for one that is breathable. The last thing you would want to do is work up a sweat during your shift and not be able to breathe through your scrubs. The usual cotton scrubs usually ensure this. The stretchable scrubs available now are certainly more fashionable, don’t soak moisture, and don’t shrink. But despite these pluses, breathability does become an issue with them. 

Also, ensure that you have comfortable scrubs on so that your patients will be more at ease when they are being examined by you or another nurse. But keep in mind the durability of the material as well. You will need to wash your scrubs every day. So you need something that won’t succumb to regular laundering. 


You will find a variety of options when buying scrubs, especially in terms of colour. You can find red, blue, green, black, and purple, along with others. Although you won’t be allowed to choose the colour of your scrubs in many organizations, in some, you will. While you are free to choose whichever colour you find best in that case, you should know that there is a reason doctors prefer some colours for a reason.

Doctors most commonly wear blue for scrubs. That is because stains usually don’t make a very prominent mark on this colour. Blue is also generally very soothing, which is good for patients. The National Library of Medicine notes that a green environment significantly reduces heart rate compared to red or white environments. Therefore green can also be a good option. 

But as a general policy, avoid wearing bright colours, such as white or red, around patients. 

5 Things To Look Out For When Choosing Your Next Set Of Medical Scrubs


If you’re like most people, you probably have a few things on you at all times. A phone, a wallet or ID card holder, maybe even some change, and other small items. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “pocket person,” these are still important features in any scrubs because they can make life easier for the wearer and allow them to be more efficient.

Usually, scrubs offer three kinds of pockets. You will find chest pockets, patch pockets, and sometimes even cargo pant-style pockets on the side. The general rule is more pockets equal higher functionality. But you don’t have to go for all the pockets you can. Take note of everything you need to carry with you in the hospital and leave some extra room just in case something unexpected comes up, and that should give you an estimate of your requirement. 

5 Things To Look Out For When Choosing Your Next Set Of Medical Scrubs


When choosing your next set of medical scrubs, look to make sure they have the right functionality. A great pair of scrubs should be able to hold your phone in a deep pocket and still fit comfortably under clothes without being too loose or too tight. Plus, if your clothes are riding up or bunching at the waistband, this can cause discomfort over time as well as look sloppy.

All of these points have been touched upon before, but functionality is the ultimate make-or-break factor when deciding which scrub to buy. There is no shame in picking an outfit that makes you feel good, but as a doctor, your priority is to be as comfortable as possible on duty. Therefore, whatever you end up choosing, make sure you’re comfortable with it. 

There are many different scrubs out there. And they are rarely expensive. Therefore don’t be afraid to try something new. You can always go back to the one you are comfortable with, but experimenting might help you find something even better.


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