Mezzo Collection

Mezzo Collection is the response to an urge to create mid-century inspired furniture with a modern signature.
The brand gathers its inspiration from the everyday life of the golden years, from music to art and entertainment to politics.

It seeks to find a perfect balance between the timeless and modern aesthetics and the vintage design, creating a harmonious encounter amidst the past and present. Each piece of furniture represents a glorious travel through the 50s and 60s, by retrieving the vintage classics yet reinterpreted with a modern twist.

Bold, timeless and sophisticated, Mezzo is reinventing a modern approach to mid-century style, through its distinctive lines, easily recognizable, and by offering a glimpse into the mid-century without never leaving the present. The Mezzo Collection shows how the eclectic and bohemian glamour from the 50s and 60s blends the modern elegance effortlessly, giving rise to a unique aesthetic.

Mezzo is about the feeling that its design evokes and the way is able to create a truly unique experience over time. Embracing the future while recalling a grand era is what Mezzo intends to do. You will embark on a modern journey through a bohemian style that still feel fresh and contemporary today.

Mezzo Collection will stand the test of time, always looking back to the future to design new trends.

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