It’s finally happening; you’re getting married! Whether you’ve been planning your wedding for months or just starting the process, know that this is an incredibly exciting time in your life. You finally get to pick out the wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of wearing… and all the fun bits and pieces to go underneath. 

Shopping for bridal and honeymoon lingerie can be just as exciting as choosing the dress itself. You can use the intimate items only your hubby will see to play up all the different aspects of your personality. Play it coy in a babydoll slip dress, or be a bold vixen on your honeymoon in a three-piece lace set. 

Whatever you choose to wear, these fourteen do’s, and don’t will help you pick and pack the perfect bridal and honeymoon lingerie. 

Bridal And Honeymoon Lingerie: 14 Do’s And Dont's

Do: Plan Ahead 

The sooner you decide what type of lingerie you want to wear under your wedding gown, the better. Use your dress fittings as an opportunity to see which types of pieces work under the dresses you are considering for your big day. 

Think about if you plan on losing weight before your wedding. It would be a shame to buy a bunch of lingerie for the honeymoon only to have the cups be slightly too big once you reach your goal weight. 

Don’t: Wear Bridal Lingerie Under Your Gown 

It’s tempting to wear beautiful lingerie under your gown, but bridal lingerie isn’t the most comfortable. Plus, your wedding will last hours. You don’t want your beautiful set to get sweaty and wrinkled before the big reveal. Opt for comfort under your dress so you can dance the night away. 

Do: Wear Shapewear on Your Wedding Day 

Shapewear can help your dress fit perfectly along all your curves. Find the right set for your dress, whether backless or long shorts, to avoid a seam in a mermaid cut. Bring your shapewear to your fittings to ensure it doesn’t create any unseemly wrinkles or lines under your dress. 

Don’t: Wear Shapewear That’s Too Tight 

You should be comfortable on your wedding day. Choose shapewear that fits your body well and is light and breathable enough so you can move around easily all day long. You want to be able to enjoy every moment of your wedding and not be worried your shapewear is cutting off your circulation. 

Bridal And Honeymoon Lingerie: 14 Do’s And Dont's

Do: Choose Unique Pieces for Your Wedding Night

Just because you wear shapewear under your wedding gown doesn’t mean you can’t pick out some sexy bridal lingerie to change into after the festivities are over. 

Choose something that makes you feel like a goddess, whether that be a sultry teddy or a corset and garter set. You won’t have to worry about how it looks under your dress, so you can choose whatever style you like. 

Don’t: Think Everything Has to Be White 

Not everything surrounding your wedding day has to be white. A soft floral lingerie set can add a touch of color and be incredibly romantic. Don’t feel trapped in choosing only white lingerie for your honeymoon. Have fun with color and texture. Play with different styles each night of your trip. 

Do: Pick What Makes You Feel Sexy

Lingerie can be whatever you make it. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate three-piece garter set with tights and heels. A simple sheer nightgown can be just as sexy. It’s all about what makes you feel most confident in your body. 

Do: Have Ladies in Waiting Help You Change

Maybe your girlfriends won’t be able to help you change each night of your honeymoon, but on your wedding day, you are the queen. Have your bridesmaids help you make a quick change out of your wedding gown and into your bridal lingerie. You’ll have one more memorable moment to bond together at the end of the night. 

Bridal And Honeymoon Lingerie: 14 Do’s And Dont's

Do: Have a Reveal for Your New Husband 

Once the girls head out, have another first-look moment with your husband, this time in your bridal lingerie set. Weddings are fun, but they involve friends and family demanding your attention. The wedding night is just for the two of you. He will swoon to see you in your special set. 

Don’t: Buy Pieces You’ll Only Wear Once

Of course, you want to choose special and unique pieces for your wedding night and honeymoon, but don’t pick pieces you’ll only wear once. Choose items you’ll want to wear again and again. Lingerie is expensive. Chances are your husband will look forward to the next time you take it out for a spin. 

Do: Invest in High-Quality Lingerie 

High-quality lingerie will fit better and last longer than cheaper options. It may cost a bit more upfront, but it is certainly worth the investment. 

Do: Snap Some Fun Polaroids

Take the opportunity to celebrate your body! You’ll have photos of your wedding, but snap a few playful polaroids with your husband on your wedding night and honeymoon to capture you in your lingerie. Eventually, when you are old and gray, you’ll enjoy having those private moments on film. Plus, they can be fun to sneak into your husband’s suitcase if he ever goes off on a trip without you. 

Bridal And Honeymoon Lingerie: 14 Do’s And Dont's

Don’t: Forget to Pack Comfy Undies 

Pack underwear that will be comfy to sleep in or wear for your adventures with your new husband. Don’t force yourself to wear lingerie 24/7. You’ll want regular panties on your honeymoon too. 

Do: Pack Lingerie With Care 

Pack lingerie with care. Lingerie is delicate and can easily catch on other garments and tangle or tear. Use socks to fill the cups of your bras and prevent them from losing shape. Use tissue paper or mesh bags to separate delicate items from other clothing.


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