Elmira Medins is so much more than just a designer. She is a fighter. But more importantly, she is a visionary who is passionate about all artistic disciplines, innovations and perhaps above all, knowledge.

With her enterprising spirit, she is a creative giant with a special sensibility and a deep understanding of elegance and femininity.

This understanding and being able to so masterfully bend these two worlds together is what has made Elmira Medins the brand it is today. Coveted by countless loyal clients and a growing global fan base, the brand, and its head designer is set to establish themselves firmly as a lasting fashion house. A label that can withstand the changing tides of trend and fad. A brand that is fast becoming synonymous with style, elegance and sophistication.

This is what sets her apart as a designer. The masterful proficiency of being able to blur the lines between style, tradition and innovation.

In Elmira they converge in an almost perfect way history, tradition and innovation.

The Elmira Medins Brand Philosophy

Simply put, Elmira Medins designs her collections for elegant women. These are sophisticated women with an active lifestyle. Women who are strong, without losing their femininity and even sexy at the same time. Women who not only feel the need to differentiate themselves from the rest but these are women who live purposfully.

Commenting on her brand philosophy, Elmira Medins said: “For me, every woman is unique and my designs are made to enhance her beauty and personality. No one can deny that many women – and men –  are fascinated by shoes and, in particular, wonderful heels! But wearing heels shouldn’t feel like a punishment. So I  decided to learn personally, the art of making excellent footwear.”

Elmira Medins - The Visionary Designer Of Tomorrow

She continued: “I spent three years in Italy learning and working alongside the best master shoemakers. I admire this work and the art of it so much. I find it very sad that the young generations have no interest in learning this trade. I think it’s something that’s part of their history and culture that they should never lose. From this period of learning were born the pillars on which I base the design of my shoes today: it must have a unique and modern design. It must be made from the right materials which should be of the highest quality. And, it should be possible to adjust the design in a respectful way without damaging the foot. “

Her deep understanding of the entire process from start to finish has resulted in shoes that are both wearable and expertly crafted pieces of art.

“The Best Of My Shoes And The Importance Of Wearing Good Footwear”

Elmira further added “My designs are unique and we produce on demand. So when someone is looking for something truly exclusive and allowing them to get away from what most people usually look like, Elmira Medins is where they turn to.

As far as brides are concerned, I think we should give more importance to the footwear they’re going to wear on their big day. The dress of your dreams most certainly deserves some dream shoes as well! Shoes are the perfect accessory to help you shine and accompany you throughout your wedding.

Elmira Medins - The Visionary Designer Of Tomorrow

My clients can choose the height and width of the heel, as well as the materials. We know that personalization is part of luxury footwear.

I think good heels help keep your head and standards high. Our mind and attitude are the basis of elegance. That’s why I’m pursuing my designs to be excellent allies of modern women, their values and their freedom.

With Elmira Medins it’s easy to wear a pair of shoes for several different looks. Its designs allow exceptional versatility when it comes to dressing.”

The Difference Of Wearing Custom Shoes

It’s safe to say that we all like to look good. The benefits of a custom-made suit or dress are replicated in custom-made footwear.

Shoes have unfortunately generally been forgotten when it comes to custom made orders which seems wrong when our feet are the parts of the body we use nearly as often as our hands. Moreover, our feet, the way we walk and even the shoes we wear has effects on the entire body, even down to our spines and posture. A shoe that fits well and more importantly that doesn’t damage your heel is a great contributor to walking elegantly and even has health benefits.

When designing a pair of custom shoes, Elmira likes to meet with her clients in order to to better understand and eventually define and compliment her personality, tastes and her desires.

Elmira Medins - The Visionary Designer Of Tomorrow

Commenting on this process, she noted: “From everything I observe and as I get to know my client, I start to create and draw the perfect shoe that I imagine in her.”

I can tell you a little anecdote. Brazilian top model Sofia Resign sported several of my designs during the photo shoot of a fashion publishing house.

At the end of the session, she contacted my Public Relations office to tell me that she had fallen in love with my shoes. She couldn’t believe that they were so sexy and elegant yet most amazingly, so very comfortable.

Imagine the shoe and hours in them that a model like Sofia must have spent!

Soon she contacted us again and commissioned a custom pair of red Eterry pumps, which have accompanied her everywhere this Christmas.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this pandemic,  it’s that health is our most precious asset. We have also learned to value the simple things and beauty of what surrounds us. To enjoy the simplest moments.

I think trying on the shoes of our dreams and showing them off is almost therapeutic. I like to think that my designs can be an object that can bring happiness and be part of unforgettable moments. A date, a wedding, a job interview, a new project, absolutely anything”


With her designs being so fresh and new, we asked her about the inspiration process and how she remains inspired: “I’m fascinated by all artistic disciplines. I love painting, it’s one of my great passions.

And architecture. I grew up in a family of architects and that’s something that has profoundly influenced my life and profession.

I am passionate about simple, subtle art and beauty. I enjoy looking around to get inspired.

Parisian architecture inspires me when it comes to selecting materials. Even the grey roofs are picturesque; and those rainy days, … a landscape that seems to give life to my creativity.

Elmira Medins - The Visionary Designer Of Tomorrow

And, of course, we must not forget the body of the woman, because it is the one who inspires me when designing the shapes and proportions of my shoes.

That’s why I love fashion. At the age of 15, I was lucky enough to enter the best fashion school in Kyiv. I’ve always been a very applied student. I am an ambitious and determined woman, so in 2009 I set out to open my first creative workshop in The Capital of Ukraine.

The next logical step was to grow and keep learning; so I followed the advice of a good friend who told me “What you do is wonderful and you should give Paris your talent.”

And that’s how I made the decision to settle in Paris and open my own studio and showroom on Avenue Victor Hugo. Without a doubt, a wise decision to continue to improve and project my firm globally.”

Elmira Medins - The Visionary Designer Of Tomorrow


For those of our readers who are interested in a pair of Elmira Medins shoes, where do they go? “My shoes can be purchased through my online store, in various outlets in the United Arab Emirates, Ibiza as well as in my Parisian showroom, where I will be happy to attend to any of the readers.

We now also offer our services through video call, to adapt to mobility restrictions due to COVID-19. So do not hesitate to book an appointment with us.”

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