Breast Lift In Mexico

Getting A Breast Lift In MexicoAre you planning to get a breast lift in Mexico soon?

A breast lift or mastopexy is a type of surgical procedure which repositions the nipple and the areola, or the darker ring of skin surrounding the nipple, and the nearby tissue to make the breast sit in a much higher location.

While a breast lift doesn’t cause a significant change in the breast size, it can also be done together with breast reduction surgery or breast enlargement or augmentation.

Why Women Choose to Get a Breast Lift

It is a matter of personal decision as to why women choose to undergo a breast lift procedure. This means you need to consider your own reasons first before you get one.

The following are some of the common concerns among women who get a breast lift in Mexico:

  • One of the breasts sits lower compared to the other.
  • The breasts sag, which can be either because they already lost their volume and shape or because they have become longer or flatter.
  • The areolae and nipples point downward.
  • The nipples are located under the breast creases.

A breast lift is a procedure that can be performed on any size of the breast. Your plastic surgeon will discuss it with you during your initial appointment to help set your expectations.

Why Does Breast Appearance Change?

Getting A Breast Lift In MexicoThe breasts of a woman lose their firmness and shape and change over time. These changes in a woman’s breasts may occur as a result of any of the following:

  • Genetics
  • Pregnancy – During pregnancy, the ligaments supporting the breasts might stretch, which can result in the sagging of the breasts.
  • Smoking can affect the breasts’ elasticity
  • Aging process
  • Weight gain or loss

Who are the Best Candidates for Breast Lift in Mexico?

Anyone can undergo a breast lift from a medical point of view. However, it is often best to wait if:

  • You are actively doing your best to lose weight
  • You have plans to get pregnant and bear more children
  • You have plans to breastfeed in the near future or you are currently breastfeeding
  • Your body is still in the process of developing and growing

Your surgeon will conduct an extensive evaluation to determine if a breast lift is a good choice for you during the initial appointment.

What Can You Expect During Your Initial Appointment?

Getting A Breast Lift In MexicoYour plastic surgeon will do the following during your first appointment:

  • Answer all your questions
  • Ask what you are hoping for afterward in terms of the appearance of your breasts
  • Perform a physical examination of your breasts
  • Explain everything involved with the breast lift surgery which includes the benefits and risks
  • Go over your medical history
  • Discuss with you any breast cancer history in your family

You might want to take some time first to think about your surgery or you can also schedule it soon after the initial appointment. If several months already passed between your scheduled surgery and your initial appointment, your plastic surgeon might want you to set an appointment before your surgery.

Testing Before a Breast Lift Surgery

If you are healthy in general, you don’t have to undergo any tests before your breast lift surgery. But if you are already 40 years of age and above, your plastic surgeon will wish to check the images from your latest mammogram first.

The images can help the medical team asses your breast tissue for the surgery. The team will also give you a baseline to help your care team interpret your mammograms in the future.

Your plastic surgeon will request you to have a mammogram schedule before you undergo a breast lift if:

  • You have never had a mammogram in the past.
  • A few years have already passed since you had your last mammogram.
  • You are 40 years of age or above.

Different Types of Breast Lift Surgery Techniques

Getting A Breast Lift In MexicoTechniques for breast lift surgery vary according to the size of your breasts and some other factors. The following are the most common breast lift surgery techniques:

  1. Circumareolar Lift

It is a type of surgery for smaller lifts that involves making a cut or incision around the areola, or the darker skin surrounding the nipple.

  1. Vertical Mastopexy

It is a type of surgery where an incision is made around the areola as well as a downward incision to the breast’s base starting from the areola. Vertical mastopexy is often performed for medium-sized lifts.

  1. Anchor Scar Or Wise Pattern Mastopexy

It is a surgery used for patients who need a bigger lift. This involves cutting around the areola, another cut from the areola down to the base of the breast, and finally, an incision o cut at the breast’s base or crease.

How Long Do Breast Lift Incisions Heal?

You will learn more about the different patterns of scars created in the each of surgeries above during your first appointment with your plastic surgeon. It may take around 4 to 6 weeks for the incisions to heal. The scars will start fading after 3 months.

It may take up to one year for all the scars to completely fade away but don’t expect that they will fully disappear. Bathing suits and bras often cover these scars.

Breast Lift Surgery and Breast Augmentation

Getting A Breast Lift In MexicoMany ladies want to undergo breast lift surgery to lessen sagging and breast augmentation to help enlarge their breasts. The plastic surgeon can perform these two surgeries at the same time or may suggest doing them individually. Breast augmentation may also sometimes create a lift that resembles the results that a breast lift surgery can offer.

How To Prepare For A Breast Lift Surgery

Once your breast lift surgery has been scheduled, your plastic surgeon can give you the guidelines below to prepare for your surgery:

  • Avoid taking aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen one week before your surgery because these can only increase bleeding.
  • Never use nicotine-based products or smoke as this can decrease blood flow and slow down the process of healing.
  • Maintain a healthy and proper weight.
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