Gucci takes centre stage yet again, introducing its most recent ‘Link to Love’ campaign.

This latest initiative is an ode to Gucci’s radiant ‘Link to Love’ fine jewellery range that beautifully encapsulates the essence of contemporary love, infusing it with unique representations of amorous sentiments.

Gucci, renowned for its core tenets of individuality and self-expression, is truly a patron of the arts. This timeless collection reflects these values, presenting an array of differently proportioned rings and bracelets.

These pieces, drenched in a spectrum of white, yellow, and rose gold hues, are further enhanced with the sparkles of coveted gemstones, creating a jewellery ensemble that’s as diverse as the love it represents.

The Timeless Allure of the ‘Link to Love’ Collection

Gucci's Link to Love Collection - Luxurious Self-Expression

The ‘Link to Love‘ collection is a testament to Gucci’s distinctive design ethos, boasting necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Many pieces sport the collection’s hallmark octagonal form, a shape that intertwines strength and eternity—apt symbols of enduring love.

The jewellery makes a bold statement with its varied finishes, ranging from sleek and unadorned to rivet-studded and finely striped. The gemstone inclusions, such as the brilliant diamonds or vibrant green tourmalines, add an air of sophistication and exquisite allure to each piece.

The assortment of bracelets and necklaces unveils a fresh chain-link design, defined by the characteristic studded pattern, signifying the interconnectedness of love.

Personalising Your Love Story with Gucci

Gucci's Link to Love Collection - Luxurious Self-Expression

This newest campaign is a homage to the ‘Link to Love‘ fine jewellery collection, a journey through the realms of modern romance, punctuated with novel love emblems.

Designed with customisation in mind, you can create a story of love that’s truly your own. Stack rings and bracelets of varying sizes, precious gemstones, and tints of white, yellow, and rose gold to embody the House’s spirit of individualism and self-expression.

The Diverse Array of the ‘Link to Love’ Collection

Emphasised in the new campaign are necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, many featuring the collection’s signature octagonal motif. The jewellery, crafted in white, pink, or yellow gold, experiments with various finishes, from plain to studded to finely striped.

Each piece is meticulously embellished with precious stones like diamonds or green tourmalines. Bracelets and necklaces of various lengths and thicknesses unveil a new chain-link design, characterised by the unique studded pattern. The recently introduced bold rings and hoop earrings, available in solid yellow gold or a bi-colour blend of pink and white gold, complete this luxurious array.

Gucci's Link to Love Collection - Luxurious Self-Expression


Discover the Gucci ‘Link to Love’ collection and be a part of the brand’s testament to modern love, individualism, and self-expression.

Art Director: Ezra Petronio and Lana Petrusevych
Photographer: Liv Liberg
Director: Ezra Petronio
Make up: Thomas de Kluyver         
Hair: Paul Hanlon

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