Super Bowl LVI undoubtedly marked a massive revival of in-person events in North America. After two years of pandemic-induced panic, in 2022, live concerts and celebrations took over Los Angeles for Super Bowl weekend. Now, leading up to February 12th, Arizona is likely to see an even more impressive set of festivities that should bring in millions to the economy of the Grand Canyon State. Music acts like Snoop Dog, Imagine Dragons, the Dave Matthews Band, Robin Thicke, and many others have flocked to the Scottsdale area to perform during the second week of the year’s shortest month.

However, Super Bowl happenings are not limited to the host city/state alone. The NFL championship game is now a cultural occurrence that engulfs the nation, with Americans spending around $15 billion on Super Bowl parties each year. According to country-wide surveys, more than one hundred million US residents plan on visiting a gathering of some sort during the Chiefs’ battle against the Eagles at State Farm Stadium in Glendale. That correlates to about the same number of people expected to view the contest on TV screens.

Naturally, only some people go to these events to soak in the on-the-field goings-on. Many do so to feel the collective sense of euphoria and merriment, watch the funny ads with others, and dance to the mid-game musical entertainment. Did you know you can even bet on the Half Time Show dress-ups nowadays? How about that?

If you have chosen to visit a Super Bowl party this year, one organized by vendors, celebrities, or friends, here are a few ideas concerning what to wear at that football-themed shindig.

What’s In Your Wardrobe

Is this a look? Yes, it is. Celebrity stylist Madison Guest says that no one should go out and purchase any special outfit for the NFL final, particularly if they don’t care about sports. As mentioned, visiting a Bowl party transcends football. It is more about hanging out and enjoying oneself than caring about who wins. At least, that is the case for most women.

So, there is no reason to dig into one’s budget come February 12th. One option to look into that will work is pairing a monochromatic sweatsuit with jeans and some casual sneakers. Denim with clothes with faux father trims is something to explore and throw into a blend for a look-see if they fit.

Cliché 1980s Casual Attire

Retro is always in, right? Except, not all vintage looks work all the time. For some reason, the 1980s style has persevered for four decades. And it has experienced a resurgence lately. That could be thanks to shows like Stranger Things and Snowfall or the rising popularity of neo-retro graphics.

Whatever the reason may be, 1980s aesthetics are chic right now. So, for a Bowl outing, you can get away with jeans, a flannel shirt, and a wool hat. The lumberjack look. Hey, it’s February. It is still winter in most places. You can replace the flannel with a tee with numbers on the front or a raglan t-shirt. Throw in some Chuck’s if you have them, and you are ready to go.

White-on-White with a Splash of Color

Is white-on-white in vogue? It always stays in style. And in warm regions, it is a simple and chic way to dress around the clock.

It supplies a fresh look that can include various garments. We suggest keeping the white as a base, meaning donning white shoes, pants/jeans, and a t-shirt, but throwing on a dye-coloured jacket, an NFL or NASCAR one, if you have it. Something like a sporty bomber to pop and grab everyone’s attention. The white gives this piece of clothing centre stage, a reason for people to glance.

Stack Up on the Denim

Fashion’s obsession with denim is unwavering. The skinny jeans may be dead, but everything else made of this sturdy cotton warp-faced textile is so in. Wide-leg jeans are popular as a hit grunge style, as are low-rise denim pants and high-waisted, straight-legged ones.

The perception regarding what looks cool continuously shifts, but denim maintains as a comfy and classy material that is perfect for casual settings where no one needs to look overly formal but can dare to appear stylish. Furthermore, denim-on-denim is now a street-fashion phenomenon that works well in bars and sporting events, making it ideal for a Super Bowl gathering where one wants to be trendy and relaxed.

Funky Athleisure

Athleisure is all about versatility. And on its own, it only partially works in social situations. It may be fine for a stroll down to a store or a visit to the park, but it feels like it needs to be put in the right place for restaurants and most hospitality venues.

Nevertheless, it can still be the basis for a modish get-up. Leggings and sneakers blended with a vibrant cotton jacket and a baseball hat are attention-inducing and comfy attire that also looks snug and pleasant.