When you spend your days at the office or simply out running errands all day, you might find yourself up against the clock a bit whenever you have an evening event on the schedule. You might not even feel you have enough time to head home and completely change your outfit to be ready for that dinner out with friends or birthday party that you have coming up.

If you are frequently short on time in the evening and don’t have the chance to put together a completely new look when you happen to have a social gathering on the schedule, there are some creative tricks that you can use to take your daytime outfit into the night. While such tactics might not be appropriate for a particularly fancy event, they will certainly work when you meet friends for drinks or dinner after work or when you have a mid-week date planned.

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions to consider when you need to take an outfit from day to night.

Swap Your Accessories

How To Take An Outfit From Day To Night

The first thing you should do when you need to plan on taking your outfit from day to night is to swap out your accessories. Shoes, jewelry, bags, and the like can all completely change the look of any outfit.

For instance, trade out your handy and reliable work bag for a judith leiber designer clutch. Next, change your comfortable work shoes into a more stylish pair of heels. If you are in the habit of sporting a cardigan at the office, switch it out for a more structured jacket or blazer.

Such swaps can take your outfit from day to night with ease.

Change Your Hair

How To Take An Outfit From Day To Night

Depending on what you do for work, you might find it more ideal to sport a casual updo throughout the day, such as a high ponytail or bun. Even though such styles are perfectly appropriate for the office, literally letting your hair down can completely change your look and help you to go from day to night.

There are a number of simple hairstyles that will allow you to transition into your evening look without too much fuss. For instance, a loose topknot can actually work for you throughout the day by creating light waves for your evening look. Simply remove your bobby pins and hair tie and give your curls a shake, and your hair will look amazing for whatever evening activity you have planned.

Touch Up Your Makeup

How To Take An Outfit From Day To Night

For the most part, you likely sport a simpler, more casual look during the day when it comes to your makeup. Few people have the time or energy first thing in the morning to do a full face for the day if they’re just going to be in the office. When you are taking your daytime look into the evening, though, simply pack a bolder lip and a more dramatic eyeshadow palette so that you can touch up your makeup just before heading out for the evening.


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