Istituto Marangoni London, the internationally acclaimed fashion and design school, is introducing a ground-breaking MA in Responsible Fashion for the upcoming academic year starting in October 2023.

The program aims to inspire and develop new generations of fashion practitioners who are dedicated to creating a sustainable future for our planet.

With its interdisciplinary approach, the program offers a unique space for students from diverse backgrounds, including fashion design, textiles, business, and related fields, to acquire the essential knowledge, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving capacities necessary to innovate new systems for responsible fashion.

Rethinking the Future of Fashion for a Sustainable and Regenerative Era

In this program, students will engage with theoretical, philosophical, experimental, and practical approaches to develop innovative solutions for the fashion industry’s current challenges.

The program is designed to foster a new generation of fashion practitioners who can think creatively, critically, and collaboratively with a holistic understanding, vision, and skills to enable the fashion industry’s transition to a responsible and regenerative future.

The London School provides a resourceful and supportive environment for students to radically reimagine fashion for a new Symbiocene era that supports positive change.

Developing a Responsible Fashion System that is Proactively Positive

Through a combination of individual and collaborative projects, students will develop and apply a strong theoretical understanding of ecological design principles, systems thinking, alternative economics, regenerative systems, future sourcing, indigenous knowledge systems, the local, the politics of luxury, and values-led communication to the development of new fashion systems and beautiful products that reflect their disciplines and goals.

The program’s framework comprises a series of lectures, seminars, workshops, practical sessions, and field trips that foster dynamic, cross-disciplinary collaborations to research, explore and conceptualize and create responsible fashion systems and processes that aim to be proactively positive to people and the planet.

Program Highlights: Critical Debates, Futuring, and Creative Problem-Solving

Key program highlights include critical debates and ethical positions for fashion and luxury, alternative economics, ecology and systems thinking for fashion, human-earth relationships, regenerative and indigenous knowledge systems, futuring and creative problem-solving, and the dynamic synergies between theory and practice.

The program also aims to explore new business models and new design practices for a responsible future.

Revered Fashion Mentors and Quality Resources for a Well-Integrated Course

The London school recently announced its mentorship with Grace Wales Bonner, the award-winning British fashion designer and founder of Wales Bonner menswear label.

Grace joins a group of renowned fashion mentors, including Katie Grand and Olivier Rousteing of Balmain, who were previously Ambassadors for the London and Paris school, respectively.

With its revered teaching methods, wide international network, and quality resources, the school will offer a well-integrated course that provides students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experiences to excel in the fashion industry’s future.


The new MA in Responsible Fashion programme at Istituto Marangoni London is a timely initiative that recognizes the urgent need to address the fashion industry’s environmental and social impacts.

The program’s interdisciplinary approach and innovative curriculum provide a unique opportunity for students to develop the critical and creative skills necessary to innovate new systems for responsible fashion.

With its revered mentors, quality resources, and supportive environment, the London school is an ideal place for students to develop their skills and shape the future of fashion responsibly.


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