The only other event that is more auspicious than one’s engagement is their wedding day. One of the irreplaceable hallmarks of a wedding ceremony is undoubtedly the couples’ rings. This is mainly because they act as a validation of the covenant of marriage between two individuals. Engagement rings with wedding bands have thus become a common trend among couples looking to tie the knot.  

It may however prove difficult for a couple to select suitable wedding bands that are an appropriate match to their engagement rings. This is majorly due to the unique qualities of engagement rings which may sabotage the process of finding a complementary wedding counterpart.

This article seeks to address this impediment by expressing to its readers the best techniques to apply when selecting a combination of engagement rings with wedding bands. This is despite the presence of a wide range of rings in the market which inadvertently increase the degree of difficulty involved when attempting to choose one.

The Best Techniques to Apply when Choosing a Complementary Wedding Band

The essential purpose of a wedding band other than sealing a union between two lovers is to add to the magnificence of the engagement ring. This is extremely important because it guarantees a glorious legacy in the long-term as far as your marriage token is concerned.

Matching Engagement Ring with Wedding Bands
Icon diamond engagement ring collection by Graff.

It is thus important to consider the following tips when attempting to select the perfect wedding band to compliment the engagement ring perfectly.

Halo Ring Similarities

A Halo ring is a lavish and classic ring that encircles a middle gemstone in a bevvy of round or micro-pave diamonds. Halo rings usually come in different shapes and sizes depending on the specifications needed by various clients.

When looking to complement Halo engagement rings, clients are usually advised to pick a stand out feature such as the shape of its diamonds. This feature is what should be used to assist them in the process of finding a suitable wedding band.


Simplicity can prove to be an extremely reliable asset particularly in cases where the engagement ring is already full of dumbfounding elegance. This is because its humble presence only works as a platform to enhance the already intricate and magnificent details of the engagement ring. This is usually evident in situations where three-stone engagement rings are involved or if a large stone is the focal point.

In such circumstances, you can pair the extravagant engagement ring with a plain and modest wedding band. Alternatively, simple engagement rings should also be complemented by simple wedding bands.

Gold for Gold

There is a certain element of elegance that comes about when gold rings are put together. This element can subsequently be magnified when one becomes a little bit creative by combining different colours and shades of gold with each other. Gold for gold is therefore a creative technique that can be applied when looking to enhance the glamour of a gold engagement ring.

Stone Matching

One of the non-negotiable rules of matching engagement rings with wedding bands is consistency. In other words, a wedding band should not create imbalance by attempting to outshine an engagement ring. Instead, it should combine gracefully with an engagement ring in order to present a unified yet extravagant look.

Stone matching is a great way to achieve this since it ensures that continuity is achieved by matching the coloured stones in the engagement ring with those in the wedding band. This consistency conveys a certain degree of style and sophistication.

Wild Pairing

This is the process of creating your own combination variation by putting together classical engagement rings with glittery and flamboyant wedding rings. This mostly applies in cases involving solitaire engagement rings which present a given extent of flexibility. In such situations, one can also add more diamonds to the singular one on the solitaire ring based on their personal taste.


Matching Engagement Ring with Wedding Bands
Bands by Van Cleef & Arpels.

Wedding bands and engagement rings are two of the most important emblems of love. The process of selecting them should thus be conducted with the sacredness and attention to detail it deserves. Choose grace over speed and begin your journey to a lovely and memorable union. 


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