The problem with being so involved in this hobby is that it is so difficult to narrow down what watch to add to the collection next… Being bombarded with so many watches that pull on your heartstrings makes it an ever-changing landscape. However, there have been 3 watches recently that have been cemented in my ‘next five serious purchases’ list, one which has recently shot to the top of the list, and one which I never thought I would ever own or want to own… So whether you give a monkeys or not, I thought it might be fun to tell you why these are the next 5 watches that I would like to add to my collection!

Tissot PRX

It is no secret that after this watch came out only a few days ago that I am a huge fan… if you are not aware of how much read my review and initial impressions here. There is no doubt that if I had the money right now id pre-order this in blue without giving it a second thought. This watch not only scratches the itch of a Vacheron Constantin 222 but it also presents unbelievable value… An amazingly well proportioned watch, with 80 hours of power reserve, a grand tapisserie dial (or deep blue gridded as it is being referred to as) all for less than £600… There is no other watch that gives that much value for £600, and this along with the fact that it looks gorgeous is the reason why it is firmly in my list.


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