We highlight a few of our favourite pieces from Launer, the Queen’s favourite handbag brand, with a price tag of under £1,550.

Our royal family’s understated yet elegant style has been setting the standard for what is ‘en vogue’ for, well centuries. In fact, most monarchs’ taste has dictated entire eras such as the Victorian, Edwardian and the Georgian period, to name but a few.

Now, we all have been there. The Duchess of Cambridge is spotted sporting a new dusty blue lace dress with matching hat and three weeks later you spot cousin Elionor at your brother’s wedding trying to pull off the same look.

But beyond trends and fads, much like the Monarchy, there is quite a bit of continuity throughout the Royal wardrobes.

Whenever we think of the Queen there are two items that immediately spring to mind. Her Majesty wearing the crown and, well, the ever-present handbag. In fact, her love of the elegant, understated handbag has been so widely impressed in our collective subconscious that we would go as far as to say her handbags have become an unofficial substitution for the crown when she is out and about.


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