In 2019, a design star was discovered and launched to fame. His name is Tomo Koizumi. However, the pandemic put a damper on his fashion career.

After four years, Tomo Koizumi is back on the design scene. He recently created a collection for Milan Fashion Week. He brought his tulle ruffles and bright colours back. 

This time, Koizumi was not alone. The team supported him at Dolce & Gabbana through a program Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana created for young, talented designers. Here is the backstory on the most recent designer Dolce & Gabbana supported. 

Koizumi’s Discovery Before Dolce & Gabbana

As mentioned, Koizumi sped to fame in 2019, which landed him his role in the Dolce & Gabbana program. Giles Deacon was responsible for discovering Koizumi’s work on Instagram.

After Deacon saw one of Koizumi’s handmade poufy rainbow designs, he sent the image to English stylist Katie Grand, who helped Tomo Koizumi assemble a last-minute collection for the New York Fashion Week.

There, Koizumi became insanely popular. People fell in love with his fluffy designs. 

One of the most popular he created for this show was a kimono-inspired, seven-piece ensemble.

The garments included pants with ruffles, two large trains, a bow at the waist, a top, a jacket and gloves. Another popular piece he created was a striped mini-dress shaped like an egg. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Displays

After his success in New York, but before this year’s Milan Fashion Week success, Tomo Koizumi’s designs were displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These designs came from his New York Fashion Week collection.

The two mentioned above were displayed at the museum. They were placed on mannequins. Some unique tactics were used to keep the shapely dresses in their shapes. 

With Koizumi’s recent success, people were enthusiastic about this placement. They could see his creations in person. However, the COVID-19 pandemic hit immediately after. Koizumi was not seen outside of Japan until he went to Milan Fashion Week this year. 

Koizumi’s Milan Fashion Week Designs

More recently, Koizumi collaborated with Dolce & Gabbana and used their archives for inspiration. His designs for Milan Fashion Week included a variety of colours and ruffles. However, he did have several sizable trains and statement accessories.

His ensembles included matching gloves, which he was famous for in 2019. One of his most famous pieces was an oversized pink dress filled with ruffles. 

Koizumi’s Latest Inspiration

Koizumi started with a small team and handmade all of his garments. He wasn’t looking for beauty and perfection at the time.

He was looking for something unique. From there, he displayed his New York Fashion Week collection at the Met Museum. He got to make the patrons of the museum happy with his works.

Feature Image: @dolcegabbana

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