WOLF, the distinguished British luxury brand with a rich heritage, has announced its much-anticipated exhibit at the renowned Couture event.

This eagerly awaited presentation will take place at Salon 713, Wynn, Las Vegas, from the 1st to the 4th of June 2023. WOLF’s impressive showcase will include its elegant jewellery boxes, travel cases, and their range of small leather goods, all epitomising the perfect blend of style, utility, and sustainability.

WOLF: The Confluence of Luxury and Innovation

Unveiling WOLF's Exquisite Collection At Couture 2023

At the heart of WOLF’s impressive lineup is its innovative technology. The brand features its patented LusterLoc™ technology, a trailblazing solution that combats the tarnishing of the jewellery.

Also on display will be their leading watch winders equipped with their patented Turns per Day technology, along with travel watch rolls and watch boxes. Their small leather goods range, including the 95% sustainable collections – Signature, W, and Mimi – all boast RFID protection, safeguarding your personal data.

The Rocket: The Smallest Travel Watch Winder Unleashed

WOLF will be launching their groundbreaking new product, The Rocket, at Couture. This travel watch winder, touted as the smallest in the world, is set to revolutionise the industry.

Atlas: Unparalleled Security for Your Precious Belongings

Atlas, WOLF’s state-of-the-art security solution for your watches, jewellery, and valuables, is a new addition for 2023. The Atlas safe is fully bespoke, allowing custom configurations of winders and drawers.

Constructed with American steel and tested for burglary and fire resistance, Atlas is a fortress for your valuables. Moreover, the Atlas safe comes with WOLF’s Bluetooth-connected App, facilitating the control of one or all winders simultaneously.

Maria: The Epitome of Sophistication and Functionality

Unveiling WOLF's Exquisite Collection At Couture 2023
Available in 4 colours: white, navy, mustard, and new for 2023, tangerine
RRP from £129.00 / $135.00

Maria, a new classic, is a symbol of sophistication with its clean lines and meticulous details. This full-fledged travel collection is perfect for the discerning traveller. Maria is wrapped in rich, smooth leather and accented with stunning gold detailing, making it an elegant solution for secure jewellery storage.

Cortiça: A Tribute to Sustainability and Elegance

Unveiling WOLF's Exquisite Collection At Couture 2023
Choose from Cortiça’s watch winder, watch roll and 4 piece watch box.
 RRP £319.00 / $369.00

The Cortiça range, inspired by a special watch’s original box, pays homage to sustainability. Handcrafted from natural cork sourced from Portuguese forests, Cortiça is a testament to WOLF’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Mimi: Fashion and Functionality at Its Finest

Unveiling WOLF's Exquisite Collection At Couture 2023
Mimi helps you travel light so you can go about your day in style.
 Available in 5 colours
RRP from £45.00 / $55.00

Mimi, the perfect companion for the modern woman, is inspired by 90’s high-fashion runway moments and ancient Japanese Sagemonos. This range allows you to keep your essentials close while evading the burden of bulky handbags.

Signature: A Nod to the Eco-conscious Traveller

Unveiling WOLF's Exquisite Collection At Couture 2023
RFID protection lining to ensure personal data is protected.
Available in 4 colours: brown, blue, green, and orange
RRP from £59.00 / $75.00

The Signature Collection, designed for the world traveller, is WOLF’s commitment to the planet. This vegan, 95% sustainable collection is made from recycled materials, including apple pulp and plastic bottles, a testament to the brand’s commitment to sustainable luxury.

WOLF Watch Stands: A Display of Pride and Success

Unveiling WOLF's Exquisite Collection At Couture 2023
Keeping your watch safe, scratch-free and accessible. Available in all WOLF watch winder collections
RRP from £89.00 / $99.00

WOLF’s watch stands are more than just a place to store your watch; they are a symbol of success and a source of pride. Available in all WOLF watch winder collections, these stands ensure your timepiece is safe, scratch-free, and within easy reach.

With this impressive lineup, WOLF continues to set the bar high in the world of luxury goods, delivering products that are not just symbols of opulence, but also embodiments of innovation, functionality, and sustainability.

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