Today we have the pleasure of meeting Tommy Cha, Founder and Owner of Absolute Opulence – a high-end textile, bespoke tailor and seller of luxurious clothing accessories and is known to supply and work with the best bespoke tailors and designers in the Klang Valley.

Tommy, what one word sums up the essence of Absolute Opulence?


You are being known as a man with a mission to revolutionise the scene of bespoke fashion in Malaysia. How did that happen?

After years of experience in the textile and fashion industry, I noticed many individuals who were keen to learn more about classy lifestyles and enhancing their attire choices. However, they weren’t many avenues for them to learn about sartorial dressing. So, many people did not know the value of bespoke fashion. I decided that with my passion from my particular fields, I could bring awareness to people to dress better and be more confident. 

I realise I could not do this alone. I need more people in the industry to change the misconceptions about bespoke fashion in society. On top of working collectively with the designers and tailors, I’m finding creative ways to contribute to the local bespoke scene through the establishment of my bar-style tailoring services that I offer at BarTailor Malaysia, the first of its kind in the Klang Valley

Do you think that the concept of a Gentleman still means something in contemporary society?

Yes. There are broad ways to be a gentleman, from the way you speak to the way you dress, that captivated people around you. It is essentially an attitude and way of life that I believe can set you apart in life.

As a Gentleman, which outfit do you choose to face the day?

On workdays, I always go with a three-piece suit. On weekends, I like to go a little casual, often choosing pieces from local designers.

Suits are garments that are capable to showcase the best of a man’s appearance. But which are the traits that enhance a Gentleman?

Chivalry, refined etiquette and manners, and of course being well-dressed.

One of the characteristics of a Gentleman is the way he treats his companion. In your opinion, what is the secret to winning someone’s heart?

I think there is a winning combination that includes having a good sense of humour being confident while maintaining a sense of humility and a good balance between career-oriented and family-oriented.

We believe that there are certain codes that are part of a Gentleman. What is the first rule for a Gentleman according to you?

It is rewarding to keep learning and have ideals towards life attainment.

Tommy, thank you very much for your time.

Thank you, and I look forward to the next opportunity!

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