Sapphire is one of the most beautiful and underrated gemstones you can wear, it attracts attention without overpowering an outfit.

It is simple, often understated, but can complement a variety of jewelry and clothing because of its rich hue and gentle sparkle.

But what goes best with a stone so commanding yet soft? 

Here, we will give you the insider scoop on the best items to wear with a sapphire necklace that both accentuate the necklace and complete your look.

Sticking With One Metal

Sapphire is a gorgeous gemstone that luckily pairs well with both gold and silver-toned metals. When you are wearing a sapphire necklace, it is important to remain consistent with the color of the metal you are wearing.

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If your sapphire necklace is inlaid in a silver chain, then you should remain with silver-based jewelry and tones throughout your outfit. The same goes for gold! This is the first step to finding the pieces to wear along with your sapphire necklace.

While Sapphire looks great with gold and silver, silver is one of the more popular metals that complement blue gemstones. They are both cooler in tone, which makes the necklace more understated. You can find some 

Clothing Color

Black Clothing

Wearing black clothing with a statement sapphire necklace will never go out of style. It helps to attract attention to the sapphire necklace while keeping your outfit classy. Black also goes with everything, so it will complement the sapphire without confusing the viewer’s eye.

Black itself is also very clean and simple, so a sapphire necklace, like the ones found here on Diamondére, is a perfect item to create sparkle and attention to your accessories!

Vibrant Colored Clothing

Saphire can also be a bright and vivacious gemstone. It does not have to be a calm or quiet outfit. You can wear colorful clothing with bright hues to enhance the tone of your sapphire necklace and express your personality!

Complimentary Jewelry

Making a paring of jewelry with sapphire may seem tricky, but it is very simple to do! All you need to do is work with the different lengths of necklaces and earrings, and find a stone and metal that compliments your sapphire necklace!

For longer necklaces that hang to mid-chest or chokers, medium to long earrings are safe to wear. Medium-length necklaces should be paired with shorter earrings or studs to allow the necklace to shine on its own.

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Bracelets should match the metal of the statement necklace and reflect the attitude of the outfit. 

Wearing Sapphire Daily

Wearing sapphire daily is a personal choice. If wearing sapphire every day makes you happy and compliments your outfits, go for it! If sapphire is your favorite gemstone, you can wear it every day. 

The only thing that you should keep in mind is the maintenance of your sapphire necklace. Wearing a piece of jewelry every day means that there will be natural wear and tear on it over time. The stone may not glisten as bright and the chain may become tarnished or dull.

That means that you need to clean your necklace. So if you choose to wear your necklace daily, be prepared to give it a good clean once every few months to restore the natural luster and shine of the sapphire and the chain.

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You can also explore some other gemstones similar to sapphire and find another favorite to swap in some days instead of your sapphire necklace!

Overall, sapphire necklaces are truly beautiful pieces everyone should have!


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