When one mentions the word diamond, immediately the one that pops out in our minds is the colorless variant. And why not? It’s always been considered the classic diamond and a go-to for most couples tying the knot.

But it seems times are changing with colored diamonds making a name for themselves. Nowadays, more and more famous personalities are donning colorful diamond pieces and taking advantage of their striking presence.

A great mention would be a yellow diamond which is unique in a way that it is both rare and common. If you are intrigued, keep reading to learn more about this colored gem and why a yellow diamond ring from bespoke jewelers like Astteria is making a round in the industry.

Yellow Diamond Ring: The New Crowd Favorite

How Is A Yellow Diamond Ring Made?

A diamond ring is made by using wax to create an exact replica of the ring that the jeweller aims to make. Like how a regular mold is used, a metal flask will be filled with a substance once it forms the final shape, and then it is placed inside a special oven and subjected to extremely high temperatures.

At this point, the primary stone, which is the yellow diamond, is cut and polished to the desired shape and size. It is then set to the ring, where the jeweler can either add smaller stones or leave it as it is for a minimalistic design.

Why Is A Yellow Diamond Ring Considered The New Favorite?

There is a considerable increase in demand for yellow diamonds in the market as more pieces of jewelry with them as the primary stone continue to sell out. The probable reason behind this is that some yellow diamonds are more affordable than clear ones.

Fancy light yellow diamonds are less expensive than colorless diamonds, while deeper, more vivid hues are more rare and therefore heavier on the pocket.

With these factors laid out, the understanding of why consumers have started turning to yellow diamonds as compared to colorless diamonds is clear. Having a yellow diamond in your collection can be viewed as a luxury as they are still considered rare finds and therefore adds more value to its overall appeal.

Yellow Diamond Ring: The New Crowd Favorite

Factors Affecting A Yellow Diamond Ring’s Worth

Interested in purchasing a yellow diamond ring soon? Here are some important points to know before proceeding.

Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color

As with any type of diamond, 4Cs are known to affect the price directly. Here’s a simple definition of each term to better understand its meaning.

  • Carat is the size and weight of the stone,
  • Cut can also refer to the shape of the diamond,
  • Clarity is determining the absence of flaws and blemishes on the diamond, and finally
  • Color refers to the hue and undertone the gem possesses.


Determining whether a yellow diamond is natural or artificial also greatly impacts its price tag. Natural yellow diamonds are, of course, more expensive than their laboratory-developed counterparts.

While natural yellow diamonds are more reasonably priced, artificial yellow diamonds are not bad at all as they look quite identical, with the latter being the more practical option between the two.

Ring Style And Accompanying Stones

How much the ring will cost is also affected by the overall piece it is attached to. Style complexity and the materials used when creating the base, as well as the accompanying stones that will be set alongside the yellow diamond.

Yellow Diamond Ring: The New Crowd Favorite

Final Thoughts On A Yellow Diamond Ring

Colorless diamonds might be forever classic, but colored diamonds are powerful in their own right. It is exciting to see more and more consumers appreciating the beauty of colored diamonds and realizing the privilege of owning one.

Yellow diamond rings from well-loved jewelry shops like Astteria will be a great addition to a growing collection of diamond jewelry as well as make for an excellent gift to a loved one,


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