While it’s not all about what’s on the surface, the way that we dress is an important aspect of how to express ourselves to the world, and build up our own confidence. Having a wardrobe that suits your needs, provides you confidence, and can be worn in a number of different ways is a critical aspect of day-to-day life.

Unfortunately, sometimes our wardrobes lose their luster, and we decide to change our look, or straight up just need to revamp our wardrobe. Thankfully, there are a few stable items and simple ways to revamp your wardrobe, here are four tips to revamp your wardrobe for men.

1. Let’s Talk About Pants

4 Tips To Revamp Your Wardrobe: Men’s Guide

Pants are among the best things to buy in order to revamp your wardrobe, especially because a lot of pants can be used with numerous different outfits to create diversity, to make something more or less formal, or to add comfort. There are a few different types of pants that every man should have at all times that can allow a level of expression and numerous dress combinations.


Jeans can be part of nearly any outfit, and there are a number of different fits and washes that can express your individuality. Now, the most important part about buying a pair of jeans is that you don’t skimp. You want real denim—yes it’s fine it’s a hybrid—but let me assure you that cheap jeans will rip or wear in the places you don’t want them to. A good pair of jeans will look better as it fades, and may even outlive you.

A great way to spruce up your wardrobe is to get a small selection of different jeans. A dark, or black pair, a blue, and a lighter wash. Consider getting one or two that are straight and one that is slim, or vice versa.


Khakis, or Chinos, whichever you prefer is a great way to expand your wardrobe into the semi-formal range. You can wear khakis casually, but you can also take them into those places that feel just a tad too nice for jeans. They are comfortable, a classic, and will pair with almost anything due to their standard tan color (though don’t be afraid to branch out!).

Dress Pants

4 Tips To Revamp Your Wardrobe: Men’s Guide

Lastly, you need something for your formal occasions. Grab yourself one or two pairs of dress pants that fit you perfectly. Getting them tailored is never a bad idea. A black pair of dress pants will go with literally anything, so make sure that is the first color you grab, then consider getting something a bit more exciting for other occasions.

2. Show Off Your Form

Next up, shirts! A good shirt should show you off, whether it’s a T-shirt, a button-up, or a long-sleeve. Here are a few great ways to use shirts to revamp your wardrobe.

Simple and Classic

4 Tips To Revamp Your Wardrobe: Men’s Guide

A simple, brandless, form-fitting T-shirt is a great way to diversify your wardrobe. Having a few that are black, a few white, and a few other colors of your choosing will allow you to bridge the gap between your pants and your coat or whatever else you are wearing, and can help ensure that you always feel confident.

Graphic Tees

Men’s graphic tees are a great way to show off more than your form, but also your interests, or your unique style. Grabbing a few well-made graphic tees and putting them in your arsenal allows you to build creative outfits and stand out more in a crowd.


Flannels, semi-casual button-ups, and a tailored button-down are all things you should have in your wardrobe. This allows you to style your look for any occasion. Just like jeans, you only need a couple of these to have a wardrobe that will never repeat itself, so look for the good stuff, get the perfect fit, and you won’t regret it.

3. Jackets And Outerwear

4 Tips To Revamp Your Wardrobe: Men’s Guide

Jackets and outerwear are among the most defining parts of a man’s wardrobe. A strong denim jacket, a leather coat, a form-fitting cardigan, and even a long flannel or sweater are all things that you can utilize to modify your outfits depending on the weather or event.

For instance, a blazer worn over a plain T-shirt and khakis can be a great combination for a semi-formal event. A sweater over a graphic T can be an exciting combo for a low-key night out. There are plenty of combinations to take advantage of.

4. Shoes

4 Tips To Revamp Your Wardrobe: Men’s Guide

Lastly, shoes. You don’t need a lot, but there are a few you do. A casual, day-to-day skate shoe is a great wardrobe option and has a surprising number of uses. Next, a boot, something you can wear in the cold or to semi-formal events is a must-have. And, finally, a dark dress shoe that you can use any time is a must-have for formal outings.


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