Cosy Living Room Colours For 2023

As the colder weather sets in, you might be looking for ways to make your cosy living room even cosier. After all, who doesn’t want to curl up on the sofa and feel like they’re in a warm embrace? To help you get ready for the new year, we’ve rounded up the top living room colour trends of 2023.

Earth Tones

Cosy Living Room Colours For 2023It looks like earth tones are going to be taking centre stage in 2023 when it comes to living room colours. Think muted shades of brown, green and yellow that can evoke a sense of natural warmth and comfort. Earth tones are great if you’re looking for a timeless style as they never really go out of fashion. You can create a space that feels organic yet still modern by combining earth tones with contemporary furniture pieces.

Let’s explore the ways in which you can use earth tones to create a cosy living room that’s perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

Paint The Walls

One of the easiest ways to create a cosy atmosphere with earth tones is by painting the walls in one of these shades. A dark red or brown will give your living space plenty of warmth and depth. Or if you want something a bit lighter, painting your walls in a pale yellow or green will still fill your room with cosy vibes.

Choose Neutral Furniture

Furniture pieces like sofas and armchairs are essential components of any living room design. To ensure that all the elements in your space come together harmoniously, choose furniture in neutral shades such as beige, grey or white. This way, your furniture won’t compete for attention with any bright colors on the walls or accents in the room, allowing them to blend seamlessly together and creating an overall feeling of comfort and harmony.

Add Accents

Cosy Living Room Colours For 2023Earth tones don’t have to be used only on large-scale elements such as walls or furniture; they can also be used for smaller accents such as pillows, throws, curtains and rugs. These accents are great for adding pops of color without overwhelming the space with too much color or pattern. When selecting accent pieces for your living room, opt for muted shades like olive green, terracotta orange or dusty blue which will add texture and personality without making it feel too busy.

Jewel Tones

Cosy Living Room Colours For 2023Jewel tones are also going to be popular in 2023, though they offer a more vibrant take on the traditional colour palette. Think bold and beautiful hues such as emerald green, sapphire blue or ruby red. Jewel tones will add an element of drama and glamour to any space while still being inviting and comfortable enough for everyday use. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not mix jewel-toned walls with some eye-catching artwork or statement furniture pieces?

Let’s explore how we can use jewel tones to create the perfect living room.

Start With A Bold Color On The Wall

Jewel tones are vibrant and beautiful, so it’s best to start by painting one wall a bold color like emerald green or royal blue. This will draw the eye and give your living room a unique focal point. If you want to add more color, consider using an accent wall instead of painting all four walls in jewel tones.

Choose Decorative Pieces For Contrast

Once you have picked out your wall color, it’s time to consider what kind of decorative pieces you would like in your living room. Choose items that contrast with your bold-colored wall, such as lighter shades of pink or yellow. This will help create an interesting balance between light and dark colors in the space. Additionally, adding some white furniture will help tie everything together nicely.

Layer Textures For Added Comfort

When decorating with jewel tones, don’t forget about texture! Layering different textures into your design scheme can add warmth and comfort to the space. Consider adding a velvet couch or soft rugs in complementary colors that don’t clash with each other but still provide visual interest in the room. You could also add patterned pillows or throws for extra texture and cosiness.


Cosy Living Room Colours For 2023Finally, neutrals should always have their place in any living room design. From dark grey walls to white sofas, neutrals offer a clean palette that can act as a backdrop for other items in the space. Mix different shades of neutral together for added depth or choose one shade and make sure everything else is toned down accordingly – neutrals have so much potential! Plus, if you ever get bored with your colour scheme then it’s easy enough to change without needing major renovations or redecorating costs.

Here are some tips on how to use natural tones to make your living room the cosy space of your dreams.

Colour Scheme

Choosing the right colour palette for your living room is key – light, airy tones will help create an inviting atmosphere. Think white, grey and beige with splashes of blues and greens. Soft shades like cream, blush, and baby blue should be used sparingly, as they can make the room feel too feminine or juvenile. You could also opt for muted earth tones like terracotta or ochre – they’ll give your space a warm, homely vibe.

Furniture & Accessories

When selecting furniture and accessories for your living room, keep things neutral but interesting. Choose items that have natural textures like wood, linen and cotton. Go for pieces that have interesting shapes – look out for curves and asymmetrical lines as opposed to sharp edges; these will add visual interest without looking over-the-top or cluttered. Pieces made from bamboo or rattan are great options too – they’ll bring an organic feel into the room which will instantly make it feel cosier.

Don’t forget about soft furnishings such as cushions and throws; these will help inject even more comfort into the space. When selecting textures, go for velvets, linens, cottons and wools – these natural materials will bring warmth into the room whilst still looking stylish.


Cosy Living Room Colours For 2023Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood in any space; this is especially true when trying to create a cosy atmosphere in your living room. Opting for warmer bulbs rather than cool white ones will help set the tone – LED bulbs are energy efficient so they’re perfect if you’re looking to save electricity costs too! You could also opt for lamps instead of overhead lights; this will give you more control over how much light there is in the room at any given time – dimming it down at night will make it feel even cosier! Lastly, candles are great additions; nothing says ‘cosy’ quite like flickering candles! Just remember to blow them out before bedtime!


No matter what look you’re going for this upcoming year – from classic chic to modern glam – these trending living room colours should provide plenty of inspiration! Whether you prefer earth tones, jewel tones or neutrals (or all three!), there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating your dream cosy space. So don’t wait too long – start planning now so you can enjoy your perfect living room come 2023!

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