Are Expensive Shoes Worth It?

Ever wondered if expensive shoes are worth it? This article will answer all your questions. 

Are Expensive Shoes Worth It?Have you always wanted to get a new pair of shoes, but the price tag turns you off?

Cheap shoes are usually the most enticing option for the obvious reason – they’re cheap. But did you notice that every time your inexpensive pair wears out, you’ll have no choice but to get a new one?

And once that new one wears out, too, it’s time for yet another pair. This cycle goes on and on, which only makes you spend more than you realize.

Are More Expensive Shoes Worth It?

The short and simple answer is yes. Most of the time, expensive shoes are worth the added price. Pricier footwear is often made from top-quality materials and follows higher standards of construction. In theory, expensive shoes should look better, last longer, and offer more comfort than cheaper pairs.

However, expensive shoes might not always be the best choice for all situations or for everyone for that matter. For instance, if you are planning to buy a pair of shoes that you will just wear occasionally, it wouldn’t make sense to spend all that extra cash. Going for a pricier pair will also be impractical if the cost is well beyond your budget.

How will you know if an expensive pair is the best choice for you or not, then? How can you say that you will be better off with a cheaper pair that you will replace after a few months?

Read on below to learn some key points to remember:

Are Expensive Shoes Worth It?Expensive vs. Cheap Shoes: Method of Construction

The construction method used is one of the top things that differentiate high-quality expensive shoes from their cheap counterparts.

There are several ways of constructing shoes, and the durability, comfort, and overall quality of the pair reflect them.

Blake Welting

To construct Blake welting, a single-level stitch is used that will result in the construction of a more flexible pair. The only downside is that this can also make the shoes less resistant to water. Although you can re-sole these shoes, this can be more difficult, and you might need the help of a cobbler who has the special machinery for doing the job.


Are Expensive Shoes Worth It?More often than not, cheap shoes are only glued together. Without the added structure and strength of stitching, you will get a pair that falls apart too soon and will look bad even after minimal wear and tear.

Goodyear Welting

Considered as the best method of construction, Goodyear welting uses two-level stitching for attaching the soles of the shoes. It forms water-resistant shoes with durable shoes that you can re-sole easily if needed. Shoes made using this method are great investments that can last for many years.

Expensive vs. Cheap Shoes: Leather Used

The specific leather material used for making the shoes is another important factor that affects their overall quality. It is the most visible part of the shoes and determines how long the pair will look their best or how fast they will start showing how cheap they are in the first place.


Known for having the highest quality, full-grain leather comes from the skin’s topmost layer withal the grain still left intact. The material forms the best-looking shoes that remain unblemished and beautiful for a lifetime.

Top GrainAre Expensive Shoes Worth It?

Top grain leather is the second-best quality type of leather available in the market. The skin is sanded to form this leather. The fibers are also intact, but they may have gotten weak because of the treatment. Shoes made from top-grain leather can look great for years although additional maintenance might be necessary.


Suede boasts of a great appearance, but the material doesn’t have any grain left in it. This leads to thinner and softer shoes because of the missing skin layer. Suede shoes may look good, but they need additional maintenance for them to retain their best appearance.


All cheap shoes are made using almost 100% synthetic leather. It is an inferior type of material that quickly starts cracking and showing signs of wear and tear. You cannot do anything at all to maintain their good appearance. You also need to replace synthetic shoes more often.

Expensive vs. Cheap Shoes: Quality Control

There is usually poor-quality control in the mass production of cheap shoes. You might not know the difference it makes if you have never bought a high-quality pair before. There are a few factors that go into making sure that you will be getting the highest quality pair from a more expensive shoe brand.


Are Expensive Shoes Worth It?

The best kinds of shoes are those that are handmade by skilled cobblers who are proud of and good at what they do. Their strict attention to detail will create better shoes every time. There is no way that machines can achieve the same perfect fit that experienced cobblers can do.


More expensive shoe brands depend on their reputation for them to stay long in the business. No one would be willing to pay for something expensive if they don’t feel that the quality meets their expectations.

It means that these expensive brands rely more on quality control to make sure that their customers are always happy and satisfied with their purchases and that they will continue to come back for more.

Are Expensive Shoes Worth It?

Smaller And Limited Batch Size

The batch sizes of handmade shoes are often smaller compared to those of commercially produced ones. Commercial producers can make thousands while cobblers only produce 25 to 50 pairs per batch. As expected, it is almost impossible to check thousands of pairs with the same level of standard in expecting just a few pairs.

The Bottom Line

Are expensive shoes worth it? Yes, expensive shoes are worth it because they last longer with better quality, making them great value for money. But it is still important to consider your situation, especially if spending a bit more on a pair wouldn’t make sense at all. At the end of the day, it is safe to say that pricier pairs can do wonders to take your style to a whole new level.