Benefits Of A Second Ear Piercing

Read on below to learn more about the benefits of a second ear piercing.

Benefits Of A Second Ear Piercing

Ear piercings have become a popular form of self-expression, with many people of all ages and genders deciding to get their ears pierced. It is not only a way to express one’s personal style and aesthetic, but also carries deep cultural, religious, and even spiritual significance in many places around the world. For instance, in India and Nepal, Hindu women often wear multiple earrings as a sign of married status or as an offering to the goddess Parvati. In some African societies, traditional forms of stretching the earlobes are still practiced today as a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood.

In recent years, there has been an increase in body modification practices such as multiple piercings for the ears. These piercings can take many different shapes and sizes such as hoops, studs, and dangles that adorn the entire ear shape or just specific parts like tragus or helix piercing. While for some people this may be simply about fashion trends and decorations for their ears, for others it can be more meaningful like using certain symbols or gemstones believed to hold certain properties or meanings.

Different types of jewelry are also used in ear piercings – from plain metals (silver/gold) to precious stones – all with unique symbolism depending on its style and color. For example silver represents intuition while gold stands for courage; blue gems symbolize wisdom while red ones represent passion. There are endless possibilities when it comes to expressing yourself through your piercings – whether it’s about aesthetics or deeper spiritual beliefs!

Auriculotherapy And Acupuncture

Acupuncture in traditional medicine is designed for restoring the natural flow of a person’s qi or life force energy. It is a technique that dates back 3,000 years wherein needles are used to prick the skin at strategic points all over the body to lessen any tension that occurs because of the blockage or disruption of qi. These problems happen because of numerous conditions, including physical to mental health-related ones.

While many of you may have heard of body acupuncture, auriculotherapy is a particular type of acupuncture targeting the ear’s outer parts. Considered the microcosm of the body based on Chinese medicine, the human ears are made up of more than 200 acupressure points that help balance the body and mind. It was discovered that auriculotherapy can target a wide range of conditions including chronic pain, migraines, inflammation, anxiety, and overall well-being of a person.

Benefits Of A Second Ear Piercing

Both auriculotherapy and acupuncture became popular during the stone age and develop into specific fields of medicine thanks to Dr Paul Nogier, the French physician and neurologist who is also dubbed as the Father of Modern Auriculotherapy. Nogier was able to identify the connection between a particular part of the ear and another body part.

Auriculotherapy and acupuncture explain that it is possible to place a piercing in a certain spot for stimulating the reflection points in the surrounding area. This helps improve the energy flow in the body that alleviates certain kinds of pain and regulates the functions of the internal organs and other body functions.

In addition, many of the pressure points that can relieve pain are also found in the ear. Acupuncturists usually refer to the ear as a microsystem since it contains points for all body parts.

Different Types Of Ear Piercings And Their Specific Medicinal Properties

Benefits Of A Second Ear Piercing

Ear piercings have different types, and each has its medicinal advantages. Here are the particular benefits of a second ear piercing you can get according to the specific kind you choose:


Conch piercings took their name from the ear’s spiral shape or the conch. These are piercings that are believed to combat chronic pain and aid in muscle relaxation.


Daith piercings are some of the more unique piercings and are located in the innermost fold of the ear and are said to offer symptoms of recurrent migraines. One study involving a 57-year-old participant who is suffering from chronic migraines had his daith pierced to lessen his pain. The participant noted a significant reduction in the daily number of migraines he experienced after two weeks.

Even though it is a viable and cheaper solution to treat migraines, you still need to be realistic with the results since researchers claim that the experience is not yet enough to conclude that Daith piercings can cure migraines.

Forward Helix

The forward helix is closest to the head on the very front of the ear. It is a specific point of acupressure that encourages blood circulation and helps with muscle tension. The piercing also helps prevent wrinkles by promoting increased blood flow.


One of the most famous cartilage piercings is the helix found on the outermost rim of the ears. This area, when pierced or stimulated, is believed to offer relief from allergies and address sore throat or congestion symptoms.


A rook piercing is located at a rather unusual part, targeting the pressure point meant to mainly alleviate migraines and aid with stress relief at the same time. The rook piercing passes through one side of the ridge, avoiding the back of the ear. While pain varies, it’s generally higher on the pain scale typical for cartilage piercings.


Just like daith piercings, ear piercings that target the tragus can also help lessen the recurrence of migraines together with appetite suppressant and anti-anxiety quality. The tragus can be found in the tiny flap of cartilage in the front part of the ear canal. Stimulating the area will target the vagus nerve extending from the base of your brain to other parts of the body.

Benefits Of A Second Ear Piercing

Other Benefits Of Wearing Earrings And Piercings

Out of all the different kinds of body piercings, ear piercings are widely accepted in many workplaces. Aside from the advantages mentioned above, here are other specific benefits of a second ear piercing:

It Aids In Sperm Production

Ear piercings in men are said to help in the production of sperm. This is the reason why ear piercing in men is a compulsory tradition in several communities to aid in better reproductive health.

Benefits Of A Second Ear Piercing

It Boosts Energy Levels

One of the benefits of wearing earrings is that it nurtures and boosts the flow of energy in their bodies.

It Aids In Faster Brain Development

Letting kids wear earrings at an early age is said to ensure the quick, proper, and healthy development of the brain. The ear lobes contain the meridian point connecting the brain’s left and right hemispheres. Piercing this point activates these specific parts of the brain.

It Improves Eyesight

The centre of vision is found at the centre point of the ear. This means that applying pressure to the said points can help improve a person’s eyesight. Piercing of the earlobe done at an early age can also significantly minimize impairments related not only to the ears but also to the eyes, tongue, and throat.

It Promotes Better Auditory Health

According to Ayurveda, the specific part where the ear is pierced is also the point where two essential points of acupressure can be found. These are the master cerebral and master sensorial. These two points are key players to maintain a child’s hearing. Experts in acupressure claim that this is a great spot for relieving symptoms of buzzing or ringing of ears or known as tinnitus.

Benefits Of A Second Ear Piercing

It Encourages Digestion

Stimulation due to piercing is also believed to help with the function of the digestive system which lessens the risks of obesity.

You see, the benefits of a second ear piercing are not just to show off your stylish side. More than this, ear piercings and earrings, in general, can also give a lot of exciting benefits to your health.