September is a month you will definitely want to keep free in your calendar, as it will mark one of the biggest celebrations that Bloomingdale’s has ever thrown.

The iconic retailer will be hosting the celebration of the decade to celebrate its 150th anniversary. Expect special guests, product launches, collaborations, food, drink, music, special consumer offers, nationwide special events, and heaps more besides!

A Celebration For The Ages

Bloomingdale’s is a quintessentially American retail giant that surely needs no introduction. Having withstood the test of time for literally a century and a half, it recently announced its 150th-anniversary campaign, and what a treat we’re in for.

This September will see the launch of a multi-level celebration to commemorate 150 years of business.

Bloomingdale’s is one of the biggest names in retail and this New York icon will soon be giving back to its fans to say thank you for 150 years of success. This 150th-anniversary celebration will be epic and for keen retail shoppers, it will be a celebration you definitely won’t want to miss.

Bloomingdale’s To Host A 150th Anniversary Celebration Like No Other

What Can We Expect?

Bloomingdale’s will kick off their anniversary celebrations in September, during New York Fashion Week. They will be offering customers one-of-a-kind shopping experiences, as well as special offers, special events, special guests, pop-ups, collaborations, and a whole lot more besides.

The celebrations may kick off in September, but this is a special anniversary, and it deserves a special celebration. That’s why the celebrations will run over into the Holiday Season, so you can really get festive with your Holiday shopping.

Across the nation, Bloomingdale’s stores will be participating in the celebrations, including special programming at a select number of stores, including South Coast Plaza, North Michigan Avenue, and the 59th Street Flagship.

Bloomingdale’s will also be announcing exciting new partnerships, the potential for expansion, and laying out its vision for the future.

Just some of the exciting things you can expect include:

150th Anniversary Branding

Keep your eyes peeled for special Bloomingdale’s branding to celebrate 150 years of being open. Expect the branding to be a prominent feature throughout the campaign and to be integrated as part of the special consumer experiences we mentioned before.

Just a few of these special experiences will be a digital experience dedicated to the 150th anniversary, as well as merchandise to commemorate the event.

Community Engagement

Throughout this celebration, Bloomingdale’s is going to be partnering up with organizations, institutions, and landmarks in and around New York. The idea here is that Bloomingdale’s wants to give back to the communities that have helped it become the mainstay that it is today.

Retail Experiences And Special Events

Bloomingdale’s will be hosting pop-ups and original shopping experiences, along with public and private events all across the country as a way of saying thank you to its loyal customers.

150th Anniversary Exclusive Collection

This is, by far, shaping up to be Bloomingdale’s biggest and most impressive collection of limited-edition designer collaborations so far. This collection will feature more than 300 exclusive products and styles which have been designed in partnership with some of the biggest brands and designers. Expect luxury men’s and women’s fashion design, accessories, jewelry, home furnishing, and heaps more on top.


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