The men’s style of Casual Smart differs from simple casual clothes by more sophistication, but unlike a business look, it looks less strict. This article will teach you how to collect a minimum set of things that combine with each other, suitable for different weather and seasons. Capsule wardrobe not only saves space in the closet but allows you to create many interesting looks from the existing set of clothes.

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

Men's Smart Casual Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a basic set of clothes. The idea is that a minimal and harmonious set of shirts and trousers allows you not to think about the compatibility of things and literally take the first thing that comes in the closet and look like a needle at the same time. Building a basic wardrobe is a great excuse to sort out your closet and make your morning routine a lot easier.

When creating a basic men’s wardrobe, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, since the basic wardrobe is a very limited set of things, each of them should please you and completely suit you. Make sure you feel confident and comfortable in every piece of clothing in your “capsule” as you will be wearing them quite often.

Second, your capsule wardrobe should reflect your lifestyle. For example, if you work in an office, it makes sense to have more shirts than T-shirts. Conversely, if you spend most of your time in jeans and T-shirts, then you don’t need five shirts and three pairs of dress pants.

When creating a basic men’s wardrobe, avoid flashy pieces that will draw attention every time you wear them (and with a limited wardrobe, this will often), and thus give the impression that you do not have a lot of things (which is essentially true ).

Therefore, it is wise to include mostly solid colors in muted colors or with a discreet pattern in your basic wardrobe. People will notice not that you alternate combinations of the same basic things, but that every day you look stylish and elegant.

Briefly About Smart Casual Style

Men's Smart Casual Capsule Wardrobe

Casual Smart is the golden mean between street casual and office style. Men’s clothing in this fashion trend looks elegant, sits comfortably, suitable for work, and street walks. The absence of strict frames allows you to experiment every day, and make interesting combinations in which you will look neat and expensive.

Collecting a basic wardrobe should be with an understanding of style. Define the scope, and goals of the new image. One outfit will give you confidence, while the other will make you feel more free and comfortable.

The capsule approach is convenient in that a minimum of things allows you to look different every day, according to the occasion. Colleagues think that you planned in advance what to wear to the event. And you did not bother with such questions.

Basic Elements For A Capsule Wardrobe

Men's Smart Casual Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Casual Smart is easily composed of six basic elements:

  • Jeans will fit well into a casual, festive, business look. Choose a comfortable, suitable size item that can be easily combined with shirts, t-shirts, and jumpers.
  • Chinos are the official alternative to bottoms and will dramatically change your look with jeans. Great for attending events with an ambiguous dress code.
  • Shirt with long sleeves. Try on a few things with basic colors so you can alternate, wear them to work, to the club, etc. Order cuffs for a more relaxed look.
  • A navy blue blazer, as the main element of smart casual, can be combined with any clothing. Do not skimp on fashionable design and quality materials, then this thing will last more than one year.
  • Shoes: classic oxfords, quality sneakers. This is quite enough to create a variety of combinations.
  • Accessories: watches, belts, scarves, glasses, caps. Experiment with a combination of accessories and accents.
  • Dark jeans with a shirt, cotton trousers with a blazer, sneakers – a comfortable everyday look. Replace jeans with chinos paired with a blazer, tie, and leather shoes for a more formal look for a wedding anniversary. For a beach party, wear shorts with a light shirt. Examples of such combinations can be taken from numerous photos that will help you create a stylish bow.

Men’s Smart Casual Capsule

Men's Smart Casual Capsule Wardrobe

A man will definitely appreciate the capsule approach to choosing clothes because he will always have a lot of ready-made images at his disposal. When one pair of trousers is in the washing machine, simply put on the other without worrying about making a new look. Such clothes go well with each other, with accessories, hats, coats, jackets for men.

Men’s “capsule” of clothing that will be comfortable at work and away:

  • Clothes correspond to the current season.
  • Muted colors.
  • Absence of heavily tapered trousers, shoes that are worn without socks.
  • Natural pleasant to the touch fabrics.
  • Comfortable to wear, does not restrict movement.
  • Clothing is suitable for leisure and work in the office with a non-strict dress code.
  • You will need two pairs of shoes and trousers: sneakers and dress shoes, navy blue jeans and chinos. A white or blue office shirt goes well with a tie, jacket, or V-neck jumper. Complete the outfit with a dark shirt with long sleeves for every day, which can be worn with a tie or under a jacket (knitwear, knitted).

In autumn and winter, multi-layered images are relevant: T-shirt, polo, shirt, jacket; shirt, jumper, jacket; turtleneck, pullover. Do not forget about accessories: a watch, a tie, a leather belt, a small men’s bag, a handkerchief in a jacket pocket – all these will help to emphasize the desired element. In fact, out of 12 items (not counting socks, and accessories), you can make more than 15 combinations.

Principles Of Compiling A “Capsule”

Men's Smart Casual Capsule Wardrobe

Fashion in Smart Casual style is convenient for its versatility. Therefore, when collecting such a wardrobe, you do not need to make strict boundaries between office and leisure clothing. The main thing is to take care of the harmonious combination of colors, and the presence of comfortable warm clothes. Suits, blazers, shirts, a jumper, and a vest must be present for the office.

For relaxation, get a few plain T-shirts, hoodies, and sports shoes. Outerwear should also match the image. For example, a coat looks better with trousers and business attire. And with sneakers and jeans, a light windbreaker or a warm jacket. Try on shirts, and t-shirts, and stop at two or three shades that are pleasant for you, which will be combined with each other.

This will help to collect multi-layer combinations and will become the basis of most combinations. Do not forget about things in light colors – they will give the image freshness.


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