Garage To ADU: A Simple Guide

Garage To ADU: A Simple GuideDo you think of turning your garage into a living space? Maybe it’s been sitting there for months gathering dust, and once in a while, you throw in some old furniture.

A garage to ADU conversion allows you to create an extra living space out of your garage. Let’s dive into what an ADU is and how to plan an ADU garage conversion.

What Is an ADU?

ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit. It means converting an underused area into a living space. The most common ADU conversions in America are Basement to ADU. Closely following them are the garage to ADU conversions.

People create ADUs for several reasons – to make out extra living space, start a business, and encourage independence for a family member. ADUs a chance to make money when you rent them out.

How To Plan a Garage to ADU Conversion

ADU conversions can be very costly. Some start from $20,000 upwards. Believe it or not, someone spent $400,000 on a garage to ADU conversion.

If you’re on a budget, or you want the conversion to happen quickly, you must carefully plan the whole project.

You should:

  • Think about the dream space
  • Consider your budget
  • Follow city regulations and permits
  • Hire a remodelling expert

Think About the Dream Space

Garage To ADU: A Simple GuideThe first thing you should set right is what you want the garage to become. An apartment for your oldest kid? Your new home office?

You should have a clear image of what the finished space will look like. Then you can be sure of what materials to buy, if the garage needs more insulation, and if you need to include extra utilities.

Always have a clear image of the dream space.

Consider Your Budget

Decide the amount of money you’re willing to spend on the conversion. This is after you’ve carefully considered the dream space.

Follow City Regulations and Permits

Garage to ADU conversions are legal in all states. However, some states and associations require that you get a permit before beginning an ADU project. For instance, the homeowners association requires that members get a permit.

Hire an Expert

Garage To ADU: A Simple GuideHiring an expert increases the accuracy of your plans. They will provide you with accurate estimates and timelines. If you decide to do it yourself, you will spend way more money and time on the project than planned.

Reach out to reputable contractors like RL Remodelling to get a free quote and a detailed garage to ADU conversion plan. As long as you carefully plan out the project, you will have a great experience creating your dream space.

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