How To Know If It Is A Real Diamond

How To Know If It Is A Real DiamondTrust is the basis and foundation of the diamond industry. After all, the last thing you want is to buy these precious stones from someone untrustworthy, right?

The tricky thing about diamonds is that it is never good enough to simply judge them by the eye. If you are wondering how to know if it is a real diamond, there are actually a few things you can do to confirm its authenticity.

Check The Refractivity Of The Stone

How To Know If It Is A Real DiamondDiamonds tend to sharply refract or bend the light passing through them that is responsible for their stunningly brilliant appearance. Diamonds don’t absorb light instead, they reflect it right back out. Other stones such as quartz and glass have less sparkle due to their lower refractive index. They also absorb any light passing through them.

It is not possible to alter the stone’s inherent property so even expert cutters can never enhance the brilliance of the stone. By taking a closer look at the refractivity of the stone, you can tell if it is fake or the real thing.

How To Check The Authenticity Of Diamonds Not Set In A Setting

How To Know If It Is A Real DiamondWhen the stone has not been set in a setting and you can hold it directly, here are several ways how to know if it is a real diamond:

Dot Test

Draw a tiny black dot on a piece of white paper using a pen. Put the diamond upside down directly on top of the dot’s center and look down on it. If the diamond is fake, the stone will have a circular reflection. This dot will not be visible if the diamond is real in the first place.

Girdle Test

All types of stones feature girdles or the outside rim. Put the stone on white paper upside down. The diamond is fake if there is a visible definitive ring on the outer part of the stone. As stated earlier, the light will reflect out on a well-cut diamond while an imitation diamond will absorb the light and just concentrate on the girdle.

Line Test

Turn the piece upside down then put it on the straight line drawn on the piece of paper. This line should go exactly through the center of the upside-down diamond. If the line is visible through the stone, whether the line is bent or not, it means that the stone is not a real diamond. Well-cut diamonds will bend the light sharply that the line will be invisible.

There are just some exceptions to this. If the cut is disproportionate, or it is cut too shallow or too deep, the line may still be seen even if it is a real diamond.

How To Check The Authenticity Of Diamonds Set In A Jewelry Piece  

How To Know If It Is A Real DiamondFor diamonds set in a jewelry piece, here are some methods you can try:

Inspect The Setting And Mount

Real diamonds will most probably not be set in any type of cheap metal. Based on regulations, jewelry items must all have stamps within the setting to indicate real platinum or gold. On the other hand, a “C.Z.” stamp is a definite sign that the center stone is an imitation diamond. C.Z. means Cubic Zirconia, the lab-grown stone that resembles a diamond. A ring stamped with 925 or SIL, which is sterling silver, would be set with Cubic Zirconia instead of diamonds.

Try The Breath Test

How To Know If It Is A Real DiamondPlace the stone before your mouth then breathe on it just as you do with mirrors. The stone is a fake if it fogs for just a few seconds. Real diamonds disperse your breath’s heat right away and they don’t fog that easily. When you do it repeatedly and try to wait in between fogging and looking at it, a real diamond will clear faster than fake ones.