How Much Is The Hope Diamond Worth

How Much Is The Hope Diamond Worth

The Hope Diamond remains to be one of the largest and most popular colored diamonds in the whole world for many centuries. Whether it is because of the impressive size and vibrant color, or the French royals, affluent people, and thieves alike having vast collections of it, or even its infamous reputation of being cursed, Hope Diamond continues to be one of the most talked-about diamonds to this day and age.

The ownership records of the Hope Diamond date as far back as four centuries, so it is not a surprise that it has a rather impressively long list of owners before it was finally donated in 1958 to the Smithsonian Institution. This is where it remains housed at the National Museum of Natural History to date.

The Hope Diamond weighs in at 45.52 carats, exuding beauty and brilliance through its V51 clarity rating and its extravagant dark greyish-blue color. This cushion antique brilliant-cut diamond now has a faceted girdle and additional facets on the facet. It is also enclosed in a pendant made up of 16 white pendants in both cushion cuts and pear shapes.

How Much Is the Hope Diamond Worth?

How Much Is The Hope Diamond WorthEstimating the exact worth of the Hope Diamond is not really easy although experts claim that it is valued at approximately $350 million. With such an estimated value, it only shows and proves that this is one of the planet’s most valuable diamonds. There are so far only a few other diamonds that are more valuable with even more unique history and more stunning properties, such as the Koh-i-Noor and the Cullinan Diamond.

Why Is The Hope Diamond So Special?

There was a recent study that discovered that like the Hope Diamond, blue diamonds are some of the earth’s rarest diamonds. It was also found out that out of 13.8 million diamonds, only 0.02% were categorized as blue diamonds.

There are also suggestions that these blue diamonds are formed four times deeper into the Earth just like the colorless diamonds, specifically at depths of more than 400 miles beneath the surface. For the longest time, jewelers and geologists alike remain puzzled at the real origin of the blue diamonds.

However, there are also new studies offering an insight into the complicated geologic sequences that form blue diamonds including the ever-elusive Hope Diamond.

Where Is The Hope Diamond Located?

How Much Is The Hope Diamond WorthAs stated earlier, the Hope Diamond has been part of the National Museum of Natural History’s collection of gemstones since 1958 where it remains on display today. Throughout the over 60 years that the Hope Diamond was under the ownership of the Smithsonian, it has been loaned out four times.

For instance, it was put on display two times in New York, one time in a South African exhibition, and for one month in the Louvre. The first time was in celebration of Harry Winston Incorporated’s 50th anniversary while the second was for maintenance purposes.

The Hope Diamond’s Curse

How Much Is The Hope Diamond WorthLegends state that a curse seems to be associated with the Hope Diamond. It is believed that the stone was stolen from a statue of the Hindu god that put a curse on it. For years, some of its many owners died in somewhat strange circumstances, with others being involved in accidents after purchasing the diamond.