Cold-weather styling doesn’t have to be difficult. There are so many choices when it comes to creating stylish winter outfits for men.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular trends for men’s winter fashion and some of the best colours to wear in winter so you can look your best during the cooler season.

Black doesn’t have to be boring. Whether you are putting together formal or casual winter outfits, you can build your winter wardrobe around this staple shade without blending into the background.

For example, choosing black jeans or trousers can be a great way to present a sleek and effortless appearance. It can also be offset with different shades when it comes to choosing the best fashion accessories to pair with your outfit.

You could always pair black jeans with a crisp white shirt and complete the look with a stylish black or brown boots like one of the heritage models from Red Wing, for a casual workplace look.

Or layer up with a coat or jumper in a deeper colour like a rich and seasonal red.

For a casual look, black jeans paired with a cream cable-knit jumper creates a timeless appearance.

Men’s Winter Outfits: Best Colours To Wear In Winter

White is not generally seen as a main colour for winter, but rather as a complement to darker and deeper shades like grey or navy. A white wool jumper can look great with dark jeans, or choose a white scarf to drape over a black formal coat.

If you’re looking for a gentler colour than white, cream is also a staple colour which looks best in knitwear. Wool or similar cosy fabrics in cream (such as tweed) can be used for scarves or jumpers and can add an interesting texture in addition to a smooth, waterproof coat.

Grey is another classic colour when it comes to winter wear. Perfect for coats, knitwear or trousers, this colour can either be used to create a muted colour palette overall (by pairing it with black or cream) or as the base for unexpected colour pops.

You may wear a mustard scarf and hat with a grey coat for a classic colour combo. When it comes to pairing colours, you might want to consider some colour rules for outfits to help you create a stylish and put-together look from your wardrobe.

If you want to bring deep colours into your winter wardrobe – why not start with an earthy and low-key green? Forest greens work beautifully with grey, so you could layer a green jumper underneath a grey blazer, and create visual interest with brown boots and green knitwear.

For an original look at work, you are sure to stand out with a deep green suit. This can look fantastic with a black or cream polo neck top underneath. Just be careful not to clash – green can look a little cartoonish if you wear it with red or another bright colour.

Along with green, red is another festive yet stylish colour that you can wear over the winter season. Red can be your best friend during the winter season, and it doesn’t have to look bold or over-the-top either. Rather than bright vibrant red, winter calls for darker shades of red to complement an otherwise black and cream wardrobe

Or if bold is your thing, then try adding a bright red scarf to a brown suit for a burst of cheerful colour. You can create a great winter-appropriate outfit with a knitted red scarf and a brown or grey tweed suit, which will keep you warm in the cold weather.

You don’t only have to stick to brown for formal occasions and work. This colour is a good choice for

those who want to lean towards a more earth-based colour palette. Brown Chelsea boots or brogues can look appropriate for work or leisure wear.

Men’s Winter Outfits: Best Colours To Wear In Winter

A medium brown or camel-toned coat is a classic winter look that can complement many other colours. If you want to play it safe, offset brown trousers or full suits with cream knitwear or shirts for a muted yet stylish appearance.

Whether you prefer staple colours like black and grey or deep colours like green and brown, you can mix and match your winter colours to join in with the latest fashion trends and create truly unique winter outfits. When you combine this with layering and the opportunity to create contrast in both colours and materials, you can see how men’s winter outfits can be fun and inspiring, as well as warm!


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