Semi Open Plan Kitchen Living Room

Semi Open Plan Kitchen Living RoomWhile others prefer to hide the mess in their homes, some want an open plan for their kitchens and living rooms to make their space roomier to entertain guests.

But although many homeowners love this open design, certain houses don’t adapt to this concept. If this is the case, creating a semi open floor plan or opening a part of the room can improve your home’s airflow.

Why Choose Semi Open Plan Kitchen Living Room?

The semi open plan offers the best of both worlds – an openness without the noise, clutter, odors, and oil. This lets you make the most out of the natural light as it opens up your kitchen and living room. This design concept also creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere as it hides the living room space without necessarily separating you from your family or guests.

Tips To Create A Semi Open Plan Kitchen Living Room

Semi Open Plan Kitchen Living RoomBelow are some tips to help you design a semi open plan for your kitchen and living room:

Use A Bi-folding

Using folding dividers with frameless or framed bi-folding design can give you a convertible kitchen interior. You can simply close the kitchen window while the AC is running or preparing meals. You can then keep it open if your space is clean and tidy. The use of bifolding allows you to hide your kitchen or living room when it is disorganized without making it feel like a closed room.

Install Glass Panels

Installing black framed glass walls can add a touch of character and trend to frameless glass partitions. Thinner frames and large panels often work well with semi open designs. This is the perfect concept for you if you are a fan of a more modern and more minimalist style aesthetic. A glass design with a thicker framework can work for houses with industrial interior themes.

Choose Frameless Glass Partitions

Semi Open Plan Kitchen Living RoomProbably one of the minimalist ways to keep the kitchen separate from other parts of the house is through the use of frameless glass walls. These glass partitions provide maximum visibility while blocking off cooking smells or smoke from reaching other rooms in your home.

Be Creative With Cabinets

If you need more cabinets for meeting your storage requirements or you want to try more creative ways of putting some sense of separation between your living room and your kitchen, you can opt for hanging cabinets that feature double-sided glass doors. This makes your space feel open and gives it more natural light while still providing the storage and the privacy you need.

A creative wardrobe is another ideal choice for a smaller kitchen. The double-glazed doors will keep the area spacious and open without compromising your storage space. If you don’t like the idea that your stuff is in full display, you can still create the same open effect if you use frosted glass to hide things while still enjoying the natural light.

Create A Statement Background

If you still want to add a unique charm to the kitchen, neon signs are the perfect choice. You can freely design the appearance and pattern of neon signs, combined with distinctive lines, which will instantly refresh the entire space. The brightness of neon signs is not too dazzling, but mellow and warm. During the cooking process, it not only adds a romantic atmosphere to the kitchen but also allows you to feel the sweetness and comfort of home more.

With a semi open plan kitchen living room, you can look forward to a roomier and more spacious feel in your room.

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