To Someone With Chronic Illness, Try These Coffee-Time Reads!

To Someone With Chronic Illness, Try These Coffee-Time Reads!Ask someone living with a chronic illness how frustrating life gets after diagnosis. Their reply would change your perception of life. Do you know why?

Here’s a simple answer!

Humans tend to neglect their present for the future. They always think about achieving more, getting more wealth, or simply being their best version. However, when they run after the narrowly conceptualized ‘bright future,’ they ignore their present. They forget the beauty of living in the moment. The continuous stress about making a promising future further pushes them away from the precious years of life.

Does That Mean You Should Stop Thinking About The Future?

To Someone With Chronic Illness, Try These Coffee-Time Reads!Absolutely NOT! Instead, you need to create a balance that enables you to enjoy the present and prepare for the future. Yet, it is not easy to find that balance. It’s said you only realize the value of something when it starts slipping away from the grasp of your hands. The case with life is similar.

When the clock starts ticking, the heart and mind realize what they lost while running behind, something very unlikely to happen. It’s that moment when you are no longer tired and want to grasp the last few moments to live.

For those moments, how good it must feel when you have something relatable? And, what can compare with the words that speak your feelings without uttering a single word? Yes, the books!

Books– Your Best Friend

Talking about chronic illness is an off-the-table topic for many families and occasions. The fear of hurting someone’s feelings is so much that people try to cover up the fact that someone they know is suffering from pain. At that time, the actual pain starts when people ignore or are unable to understand your feelings. So, if you’re in the same situation, make books your best friend.

Must-Reads For Someone Living With Chronic Illness

To Someone With Chronic Illness, Try These Coffee-Time Reads!When you’re feeling down or lonely, it’s best to connect with others going through the same chapters in their life. It will help you get out of the slump. And, if you love to get lost in a book that feels relatable, you’re probably on the right track. Many of these books will make your eyes teary with either joy or sadness. Some pages may inspire you to face the day and never back out, or some may feel relatable enough to hook you until the end.

One Door Closes

An inspirational read, with stories of 16 inspirational people who rose from the pit. A powerful book highlighting the stories of resilience in mind, body, and soul.

When Breath Becomes Air

This emotional piece by Paul Kalanithi is a spectacular prompt for everyone to think about the things in life that actually matter.

I Am

If you’re looking for faith-based encouragement, this book by Michele Cushatt is best for you. It explains to you the harm of indulging in negative self-talk and the good in perceiving yourself as God looks at you.

To Someone With Chronic Illness, Try These Coffee-Time Reads!Finally!

These books are your perfect partner on a hot summer vacation near a beachside or while sipping coffee on a winter evening. You can also read ‘Shake, Rattle & Roll With It, ‘Daring Greatly’ and ‘Carry On, Warrior.’ Or, you can try talking to someone.

Because loneliness takes a disastrous turn on mental health during chronic illness, it is best you communicate with people around you. Tell them how they can support you. Start by creating more awareness about chronic illness with Diversity and Inclusion Merchandise if you’re working. Or you can initiate a much-needed conversation about how inclusion and acceptance can help you feel welcomed.

Change begins with you, so let people know how you feel and how beautiful life is.

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