Useful Tips for Designing a High-End Kitchen

Your kitchen is perhaps the most important room in your house (depending on how foodie your family is, of course!). Unfortunately, most homes simply don’t have the right kitchen for the house, and it gets neglected and relegated to that place where you make sandwiches and pour the milk into your cereal. However, this doesn’t have to be you. Instead, you can turn your kitchen into a space fit for cooking all manner of exciting, delicious, and nutritious meals for the entire family. This post will provide the inspiration you need to get up and get ready to turn your drab sandwich assembly space into something worthy of Gordon Ramsay himself!

Start With A Vision Board That Includes All Your Kitchen Design Inspirations

Useful Tips for Designing a High-End KitchenCreating a vision board is an excellent way to get your creative juices flowing. It’s an easy way to pull together all of your design inspirations and start noticing any patterns that emerge as you assemble your board. You can even place in brands you wish to use because, as per the advice from MSI Surfaces, you need not sacrifice comfort or style when searching for the right brands. By layering on different images, colors, materials, and accents from various sources, you can create the perfect blend of old and new styles for your high-end kitchen design.

Also, consider the technical aspects involved in the design, such as storage space requirements and material selections. Look for ways to mix luxe elements such as marble countertops or brass fixtures with natural wood tones and stainless steel accents to create an elegant yet timeless look in your space.

Add Open Shelving To Showcase Your Dishware And Cookbooks

If you are the proud owner of a range of cookbooks and cookware, why not display them with open shelving? The best part is that displaying them serves a purpose regardless of whether you actually use them or not. For example, if you use your cookbooks regularly, they will be within easy reach when the urge to cook a delightful Jacques Pepin dish suddenly hits you. Conversely, if you have never opened one in your life, they will still look great displayed above your countertop, and just the look of them could inspire you to start cooking.

Incorporate A Kitchen Island For Extra Counter Space And A Social Hub

Useful Tips for Designing a High-End KitchenKitchen islands go through a cycle of being in vogue, then falling out of it again, only to be repeated ad infinitum. Nonetheless, when it comes to utility, they are second to none. If you are able to navigate through the froth of interior design fashion advice and build yourself an island, you will be extremely happy with the additional utility it provides. You can store most of your loose items in the island drawers and cabinets, leaving plenty of space for more valuable things nearer the cooking area.

In reality, you will use the extra space for food preparation, freeing up space around the cooktop where the actual cooking occurs. This enables you to cook meals for more people while keeping some semblance of organization and tidiness. In addition to these advantages, it serves as an area to congregate and hang out with your loved ones in a location with easy access to the fridge and cold beer! By adding some beautiful bar stools to your island, you will immediately elevate the design of your kitchen. 

Invest In High-Quality Appliances To Elevate Your Cooking Game

They say you don’t need lots of tools to cook the perfect meal…but it sure does help! While you don’t need to run out to your local Sur La Table and spend a fortune on an apple corer, you should consider making a list of things you regularly find yourself without. For instance, if you are an avid confectioner, you might find that investing in a stainless steel dough mixer elevates your desserts and will look fabulous adorned atop your counter!

Consider A Built-In Coffee Station For A Luxurious Morning Routine

It’s a scientifically proven fact that nobody can survive the morning without coffee. Ok, while that might be slightly on the side of fabrication, most people really enjoy their morning coffee, and some folks require it to function as normal human beings. If this sounds like you or your better half, it might be time to set up a dedicated coffee station where you can get into the habit of brewing the perfect cup every morning.

Opt For A Deep Sink And A Touchless Faucet For A Modern And Functional Touch

Useful Tips for Designing a High-End KitchenDeep sinks are the calling card of the sophisticated and upper echelons of high society, everyone knows that! While that might be a tad hyperbolic, deep sinks look amazing and hide your dirty dishes from sight, keeping your kitchen looking great and offering you more time to wash up. If you are going down that route, you should also upgrade your faucets to match the tone and style throughout.

Designing a high-end kitchen begins with setting out some ideas of what you deem to be high-end. Once you’ve got an idea, you can begin implementing them throughout the space, and you should end up with an area you are proud to entertain and cook in.

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