Being romantic in your married life is always desirable from both ends. It is impossible to live a life with 356 romantic days as we have many things to deal with. Here comes the special day in every married couple’s life every year: the anniversary.

And what about the 1st anniversary?

Well, it’s always a special one wrapped in expectations and romantic thoughts. Of course, the expectations are high with the 1st anniversary in every married couple’s life. But you never know what the next year is bringing in your life, and life always loves to play with us.

Jokes apart, the fact is that we cannot deny the harshness of modern life with its busy schedules and speed.

Not only the couple but the family members and your relatives also expect something big and special on your first anniversary. So it’s better not to mention you and your partner’s expectations because these simple but exciting things will leave a mark and be in the memories of your long married life.

Relationships for some couples can be a box of chocolates when opened if these little things are taken care of.

Thus we cannot ignore the importance of our first marriage anniversary in our duo life path.

Gift Your Partner To Make The 1st Anniversary The Best Anniversary

The 1st anniversary of the married couple is a momentous occasion. Neither you nor your wife can ignore this fact or the importance of it. However, the fun fact is that you and your wife both eagerly wait for the moment to come but fail to surprise each other with exciting gifts.

Gifts are not cliche when it’s your first anniversary.

Each year of marriage brings you back to the special situation when you try to remember the special things that you have done or spent together. Gifting in such situations is a wise option and non-negligible.

Let’s scout the precious gifts that you can give your wife on your 1st anniversary.

3d Photo Crystal

Making your anniversary memorable for a long time is the main target for the 1st anniversary. This can be possible if you choose to give her a 3D photo crystal to keep in her bedroom.

This is a thing that will stay for a long time and a photo of you guys inside the crystal material with a dim light is what she wants to see.

Keepsake Anniversary Book

This is another memorable gift to give her. You might not want her to fade out your relationship memories within one year. So, a proper keepsake of a book is what they would love to go for.

Every couple has a marriage book that keeps all the photos of their marriage life. This time you have something new to add. A proper keepsake will help you add memories in words besides pictures in the book. It’s a special gift to give her this anniversary.

Decorative Travel Map

To travel is to live. For people who are travel seekers, a travel map is like a dream in front of their eyes.

Is your wife travel-frick?

Don’t wait and give her a decorated travel map by targeting the areas that she wants to travel to. This can be the best surprise for her if she wants to travel with you a lot. She can dream of your future right at the moment and from that day onwards whenever she looks at your bedroom wall (a map hanging).

Personalized Photo Cake

A personalized photo cake can be surprising for your wife. No one generally expects a personal photo on the cake. But you can now customize your photos on the cake to make it a memorable and exciting gift for your wife.

Customized Anniversary Ring

We know that you guys have already exchanged the rings, but a couple of rings can be a great option to give your wife if she has an obsession with precious metals like gold, platinum, or diamond.

Yes, it can be expensive, but would you not want to drill your pocket a bit on your first anniversary?

Customize the ring to ensure the perfect piece of fine jewellery that you want it to be and make it a memory for you guys to wear always.

A Seasonal Flower Bouquet

A flower bouquet with the favourite flowers of your wife is cliche but not a bad option. The flower is a thing that completes an anniversary. You can use it as a full or half gift but combining her favourite flowers through BloomingBox is what she wants for this anniversary.

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