Why Your Toddler’s Shoes Matter More Than You Think – Find Out Now

We believe that this topic, unfortunately, isn’t discussed as much, because there are lots of parents who do not think that choosing the right shoes for their toddler is anything you need to obsess over.

Namely, some of them have a tendency to buy footwear that looks the most appealing and is relatively affordable, or at times, they tend to employ shoes that older siblings can no longer wear.

Even though all these things are understandable, you need to be aware of the fact that purchasing the proper shoes for your toddler is crucial. If you’re not sure why, then check out these facts below.

Why Your Toddler's Shoes Matter More Than You ThinkWhy Is It So Essential?

Bear in mind that your kiddo is still very young and growing and that at this phase, it’s of huge importance to opt for something that’s high-quality, otherwise, it’s going to negatively impact your baby’s gait.

What do we mean by this? It refers to the way children walk. Keep in mind that you must enable your toddler’s foot to bend and move naturally, because, after all, your kid is still very young. Various studies have showcased that the child’s gait is fully formed by the age of 3, although the bones of the feet can keep on developing even until your kiddo is twenty.

Different Sorts Of Footwear For Toddlers

We know that the market is packed with a variety of different types of shoes and that frequently, it can be pretty challenging to decide which ones to obtain. But don’t worry. Below, we’ll discuss toddler shoes for boys and girls that you just might take into consideration. So let’s see what’s at your disposal:

  1. Casual shoes – these refer to shoes that your kiddo can practically wear any day, and what’s great about them is the fact that they can be combined with different pieces of clothing, such as shorts, denim skirts, jeans, etc. 
  2. Athletic shoes – if your toddler is hyperactive and cannot sit still for a longer period of time, then you should definitely take these into account. They are ideal for running, jumping, and other similar activities because they provide top-notch support.
  3. Dress shoes – we know that your child may be too young for these, but you can never tell whether you’ll be attending some formal, special event any time soon. And for these purposes, dress shoes are the perfect choice! They are normally made of either synthetic or real leather and are usually combined with elegant pants, skirts, or dresses. 
  4. Sandals – when it comes to these, nowadays, you can find them in a variety of different styles, starting from elegant to sporty ones. They are typically made from real or synthetic leather, rubber, or cloth and can also be worn with numerous pieces of clothing, however, bear in mind that your kiddo shouldn’t wear them if you know that he or she is about to have some form of physical activity because they do not provide the right support.
  5. Slippers – slippers are generally very cute and pretty popular among toddlers, however, we would like to remind you that your child should only wear them indoors because they are not intended for “the great outdoors”. 

What Issues May Arise If You Do Not Acquire The Right Shoes? 

Why Your Toddler's Shoes Matter More Than You ThinkAs we stated in the beginning, these things should be taken seriously, otherwise, your kiddo may be dealing with some serious consequences that may negatively impact his/her development. Therefore, below, we will tell you what potential problem your toddler may experience if you do not buy suitable footwear:

  • Ingrown toenails
  • Skin irritation, cuts, blisters, and many other conditions may make your child feel very uncomfortable and in pain
  • Calluses, hammertoes, corns, bunions, and other sorts of foot deformities
  • Nerve damage that may lead to numerous issues, such as pain, numbness, muscle weakness, and tingling
  • If your kid is wearing improper shoes for a longer period of time, it will increase the chances of developing joint pain or arthritis when he or she is older

So How To Find The Right Ones?

Why Your Toddler's Shoes Matter More Than You ThinkFortunately, these days, you can easily stumble upon shoe shops that offer a professional fitting service, which is a great thing, however, if you do not want to make use of it, then focus on these things below:

  • Purchase according to the longer foot
  • Don’t forget to bring the right socks
  • Enable room around the toes 
  • Make sure to measure the lengths of your toddler’s feet every now and then

Unfortunately, the statistics are not very good when it comes to this topic. It’s estimated that a majority of toddlers wear the wrong shoes. So if you want to avoid any potential issues, then make sure to carefully go through this article to see what needs to be done.