Colours That Go With Grey Living Room

Feng Shui For Living RoomWhile others love their living rooms to have pops of colors, some prefer to stick with more subtle hues. One of the popular choices among many homeowners today is none other than grey.

The best thing about grey is that it is a versatile and neutral shade that goes well with other colours. The following are some of the best colours that go with a grey living room:

Earthy Reds

Colours That Go With Grey Living RoomRed and grey may sound a little intense but things can work as long as you choose the right tones. To achieve a bolder look, you can combine a statement armchair or sofa in a pop of vivid red with deep charcoal walls. If you like something more subtle, you can tone down the red and pick an earthy terracotta hue paired with a lighter cloud-like grey. Just make sure that you pick a grey colour with a reddish undertone if you plan to pair grey with red tones.

More Grey

Colours That Go With Grey Living RoomAre you a fan of monochromic color schemes? Why not pair grey with more grey? This may sound a bit dull and boring, but it can actually be as interesting as combining grey with other colors. The secret here is texture and contrast.

Make sure your grey hues are not too close in color. You will also want to have some variations of the tones to add a touch of interest. Choose greys from the other side of the color spectrum. If you prefer your living room to be in light grey overall, you can add some dark tones and middle-ground greys.

Navy Blue

Colours That Go With Grey Living RoomNavy blue is no doubt one of the best colours that go with grey living room. You can effortlessly pair navy blue with soft light grey to make the space warmer. You can also add some touch of drama by combining navy blue with a deep and almost black grey.

This particular color has a unique richness that lends itself well to tactile fabric. You can opt for soft furnishings in blue with grey walls in the backdrop. The velvet blue sofa is considered a classic and timeless piece, or you can also add some layers of texture by using blue blankets or throw cushions.


Colours That Go With Grey Living RoomYour all-grey theme can have some touch of freshness if you add a pop of vibrant orange. The good news is that there are lots of orange colors that can go well with grey, letting you go as subtle or as bold as you want.

For example, burnt oranges combined with a mid-grey is an ideal rustic color scheme, while a bright tangerine and charcoal grey hue will look more striking and modern. No matter what you choose, be sure to add a clean white to your grey and orange color palette to take the contrast to the next level and for orange to stand out more.


Colours That Go With Grey Living RoomYou can warm up your grey tones with blush pink without going overboard. A dusty and muted pink can make your living room more welcoming. Blush is the best choice for this effect because this is more subtle compared to other shades of pink and less daring than red.

Try any of these colours that go with a grey living room to spice up your space!

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