Warm Cosy Living Room Décor

Warm Cosy Living Room DécorYour living room is your haven and refuge from those dark nights and chilly temperatures. Whether you love to spend time in your living room on your own or this is your family’s official bonding spot, here are some ideas for warm cosy living room décor you can try:

Spruce Up Your Flooring With Rugs

Warm Cosy Living Room DécorAn area rug is an easy but fabulous way of transforming any room. In particular, these rugs work well in bigger and roomier spaces, including living rooms. Rugs obviously feel comforting underfoot, offering some warmth during those cold nights.

Add Soft And Smooth Shapes

Rigid lines often feel a bit formal so make sure you avoid them if you want your living area to feel cosier and warmer. Choose smooth and soft shapes instead that will entice you to take a seat and relax for a while.

Don’t forget to add comfortable seating although you can also pick some stools, sofas, or armchairs featuring soft lines or curved backs. You can also choose octagonal, oblong, or circular furniture for your living room to have a softer feel.

Revamp The Room With Textured Layers

Warm Cosy Living Room DécorThe textures used in a room can make or break its appearance and ambience. If you want to take things to another level, why not add more layers of textures to your living room?

There are many ways to layer your living space with more textures, such as silk cushions, a velvet footstool, natural wool blankets, or soft cashmere throws.

These soft fabrics will not just keep you comfy on old nights because they can also add a touch of warmth to make the room feel so much cosier.

Do Some Lighting Updates

Lighting is one of the core elements of any room, especially when the season changes and turns darker than usual. While natural light fills up the room during spring and summer, some reinforcements are necessary during autumn and winter.

Layered lighting will give you the perfect chance to improve your living room’s overall functionality. This also means that you can incorporate several styles and fixtures to achieve the design you want.

Try placing your lighting fixtures at various heights to create varied lighting effects all year long. You can pair your ceiling lights with table lamps, standing lamps, and wall lights to maximize the effect. Warm LED bulbs can also be used to create the atmosphere you want.

Keep It Shiny With Metals

It is all too common for everything to feel a bit dull and boring during wetter and colder seasons. The good news is that you can always use metals to make your living room shine. Stainless steel, chrome, copper, and bronze can effectively reflect light to make your living room much brighter than before.

Stick With Deep And Rich Colours

Warm Cosy Living Room DécorUsing a rich colour palette is one of the secrets to warm cosy living room décor. Burgundy, camel, coffee, mustard, olive, sage, teal, terracotta, and turquoise are all wonderful colours to add warmth. You can also settle for more vibrant shades to give your living room a pop of colour, such as burnt orange, blush, aqua, chartreuse, denim, navy, salmon, plum, and lilac.

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