Babies make the world brighter with just their innocent existence. A baby’s smile can lighten your heart even in the worst running time of your life.

BUTTERFLY DÉCOR FOR BABY SHOWERSo, if you are expecting a new life in your family, you are truly blessed. Nothing beats this phenomenal news. Suppose your best friend or family member will be a mom to a new soul shortly. In that case, you can celebrate with them by hosting a baby shower for their coming bundle of joy.


Nothing expresses your support better than arranging a baby shower.

For those unclear about the concept, BABY SHOWER is a party or get-together to celebrate the expected arrival of a new baby.

Baby showers bring a whole family together to welcome the latest coming family member.

Odds are that it’s not just the to-be-parents who are excited. The future grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and other friends will also wish to be included in this prospective time of anticipation and joy.

The expectant parents get “showered” with gifts and good wishes from all gathered, hence the name “BABY SHOWER.”

BUTTERFLY DÉCOR FOR BABY SHOWERThrough this celebration, the coming baby gets all the stuff he might need after birth, ranging from pampers milk bottles to a walker or pram.

Did you know?

A baby shower is not a mere get-together alone.

It’s a perfect way to support the soon-to-be-parents morally and financially by giving gifts for the upcoming baby.

Let’s observe the history of the term BABY SHOWER in its practice.


Giving baby showers is a relatively new invention. Still, they have been existing in the history of mankind with different names in different cultures.

Giving gifts to expectant parents has been present since ancient times, just the form and name are changed.

Ancient Greeks and Egyptians conducted rituals to celebrate the new baby.

During these rituals, they also offered gifs to different gods and goddesses.

BUTTERFLY DÉCOR FOR BABY SHOWERIn the Middle Ages, the baby’s baptism was considered an opportunity to give new parents gifts.

Such gifts were usually given by godparents.

During the Renaissance, lavish gifts were given to mothers upon the birth of a baby.

Pregnancy and childbirth weren’t discussed publicly in these periods, so the celebration typically occurred after the baby’s birth.

The Victorian era gave shape to the latest baby shower concept.

Here, tea parties started that included games and gifts for the new mother.

During both World Wars, baby showers became abundantly famous because loved ones could help new parents, especially after the economic hardship caused by the wars.


BUTTERFLY DÉCOR FOR BABY SHOWERThere is such a variety available regarding baby shower ideas that it’s mind-boggling.

Baby showers should be a perfect blend of playful, relaxed, and full of fun.

Usually, a mom-to-be doesn’t plan her baby shower.

Suppose you are planning a baby shower. In that case, the thoughts and opinions of the expecting mother should be taken into consideration.

You can include multiple ideas with different items while planning a baby shower.

1.      Themes/Decorations

Nowadays, the internet alone has provided unlimited theme ideas.

All the decoration style then follows that theme pattern.

For instance, Butterfly Décor for baby shower is a popular theme. This theme’s concept will include butterflies in different styles, from the butterfly cake design to butterfly-themed mini-cards.


Whatever you feel is within your budget, you may gift the expecting parents anything from diapers to baby clothes to rocking chairs to prams.

A gift card comes in handy, too, letting the new mom choose what she feels like buying for the coming baby.

Multiple gift-givers can even pool their money to buy an expensive or bigger gift for the intended baby that their expecting parents might hesitate in buying on their own.

3.      Food

What’s a baby shower if it doesn’t have delicious food, especially a themed cake?

If you arrange one, it depends on how you manage the food.

  • You can arrange a buffet or spread to which all guests contribute their share.
  • All guests can buy food items individually before the baby shower.
  • Arrange a budget beforehand if you plan a baby shower in a restaurant or café.

4.      Games

Games create an environment of fun and play in a baby shower function. Guests get to mingle freely, shedding their reserves to enjoy through the games or puzzles feature.

The internet is the best platform for selecting fun baby shower games.

Before the function date, you may consult your fellow guests to agree on the best possible games.

BUTTERFLY DÉCOR FOR BABY SHOWER5.      Favors/ Thank You Gifts

Favors are a lovely way to thank each guest for coming to the baby shower.

It’s the thought that matters, not the price.

So, these can be small items like cookies or small bags with candies, etc.


BUTTERFLY DÉCOR FOR BABY SHOWERAmong a vast collection of baby shower themes, you can’t go wrong with the BUTTERFLY DÉCOR for baby shower.

A butterfly theme is a sweet one and also easy to achieve.

You may add pink or blue colors to the butterflies in the theme to indicate the gender of the coming baby; pink for a girl and blue for a boy.

You can add the butterfly shape to each and every minor detail, creating an ultimate BUTTERFLY EFFECT for your special occasion.

You can explore the possibilities of Butterfly décor for a baby shower by reading on.

       I.            Butterfly Baby Shower Invitations

Your guests will get an early idea of the baby shower theme when they receive their butterfly baby shower invitations.

In this way, they can plan their gifts to be wrapped according to this theme, like using gift paper having butterfly pictures.

       II.            Butterfly themed Cake

The Butterfly décor for a baby shower is incomplete without a cake having butterflies on it.

It can be termed as the star of the event.

The flavor really matters

You should go for that particular flavor that is the favorite of the expecting parents or the most liked by the gathering guests and family members.

Flavor can be buttercream, vanilla, chocolate, etc.

Tiny butterflies embellished on a two or three-tiered cake will give a perfect look to the whole event, or you may select a single-layered cake with butterflies crafted from frosting.

BUTTERFLY DÉCOR FOR BABY SHOWERIII.            Butterfly Themed Dessert

Butterfly-themed desserts will look lovely and delicious for your guests at your planned baby shower.

Cupcakes with a butterfly fondant or butterfly-shaped cookies along with the cake create an ethereal and elegant atmosphere.

       IV.            Butterfly Themed Craft Table

You can set up a craft station to decorate your own paper butterflies.

Moreover, the guests can leave messages for the expected new baby through these paper butterflies.

If saved for a long time, such notes can work as souvenirs and tokens of love for a coming baby when he grows up.

       V.            Butterfly Themed Favors/Thank You Gifts

Although there are plenty of favor ideas for a butterfly theme baby shower, it’s better to give your guests something simple yet cute as a parting thank you-for-coming gift.

For instance, butterfly shape-wrapped chocolate kisses, butterfly-shaped candles, magnets, bookmarks, and many more.

       VI.            Butterfly Themed Balloons

Readymade balloon sets are available online nowadays with versatile themes.

Additionally, you may choose to design your own themed balloons.

Adding cutout paper butterflies by pasting them on plain balloons will make a budget-friendly decor and maintain the theme.

      VII.            Butterfly Themed Games

BUTTERFLY DÉCOR FOR BABY SHOWERPrint fun games related to the parents-to-be and the baby by browsing multiple concepts.

Just print the game cards with butterfly shapes.

The games can be like the” the celebrity baby names” and “What baby item begins with this letter?”

       VIII.            Butterfly Themed Centerpieces

A butterfly tree can work wonders in developing an other-worldly feeling to the event.

Some centerpieces are expensive to buy. Instead, you can use paper cutouts to create a stunning butterfly centerpiece on a budget.

In addition to the general decor, there should be centerpieces for your guest tables for ambiance.

You can reuse glass jars and paint them in colors matching your theme. Then the jars can be filled with colorful flowers and butterfly cutouts.


BUTTERFLY DÉCOR FOR BABY SHOWERYou can see for yourself through all these lovely features that Butterfly Décor for a baby shower is an ideal concept for giving a perfect baby shower.

Plan well and cherish such joyful moments by bringing smiles to the faces of your friends or family.






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